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Part Sheets
Part Sheets

MatterControl Feature Spotlight: Part Sheets

Discover the power of MatterControl Part Sheets. This tool makes the most complex, multi-part print jobs extremely simple by organizing assemblies and parts with the push of a button.

I recently saw Christoph Laimer’s amazing Watch with Tourbillon and had to print one for our showroom. The project has 51 printable parts – some of which are very small and similarly shaped. MatterControl can quickly generate a part sheet you can print out to keep track of multi-piece projects.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1- Load all project files into the MatterControl Queue. The total number of parts in the queue is shown in parenthesis.

Step 2- Select “Create Part Sheet” from the pop up “Queue” menu. A file save dialog box will open. Name your part sheet and click Save.

Step 3- The part sheet will generate and then open as a PDF once complete. The Part Sheet shows a silhouette of each part that is approximately actual size. The part name is also displayed below each part. Print out the sheet on your paper printer and you’ve now got an easy way to track multi-piece print jobs.

As you can see, we’ve only got a few more parts left to print. We’ll post our finished watch soon.

Give the part sheet a try on your next multi-piece print.

As always, Happy Printing!

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