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Open House & 3D Printing Meet-Up
Rhonda Grandy | Published Aug 26, 2014

Join us for a 3D Printed Evening of Giveaways, Knowledge-Sharing, and Friendly Competition!

Come join MatterHackers and the 3D printing community for an evening of giveaways, knowledge-sharing, and friendly competition! Help us celebrate the Grand Opening of our new location on Thursday, September 25, from 6:00pm-9:00pm. (More)

Latest MatterControl Update Delivers Cloud Monitoring and More
Kevin Pope | Published Jul 19, 2014

With its latest update MatterControl now include a 3D gcode view, Embedded SD Card Support and the ability to check on your printer from anywhere with Cloud Monitoring.

The latest version of MatterControl, MatterHackers' all-in-one 3D printing application, is out and available for download.  As usual, this update includes a number of goodies that can be appreciated by everyone with a 3D printer, from novice to pro. New features include cloud monitoring, 3D gcode previewing and embedded sd card support.  Read on to find out more. (More)

Hands-on: The MatterControl Image Converter
Kevin Pope | Published May 9, 2014

With the new image converter add-on for MatterControl, turning 2D images into 3D printed objects has never been easier.

The latest update of MatterControl includes a powerful new add-on tool - the Image Converter.  Using the Image Converter anyone can create 3D printable objects by simply dropping in an existing image (no prior 3d printing knowledge required). In this article we dive into this tool and some of its potential applications. (More)