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March 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Mar 9, 2015

Check out March's Hacker of the Month! It's a great way to learn about new projects and designs to print - get to know your fellow 3D printing community through this friendly monthly competition!

Congratulations to Chris Wlezien, our March 2015 Hacker of the Month who impressed us with his practical and thoughtful Father's Day present! After his father had recently moved, Wlezien created a unique controllable LED address bar that made for the perfect Father's Day gift.  (More)

The Bunny Loop - The 3D Printed Solution to Perfectly Tied Shoes
Erica Derrico & Dave Gaylord | Published Mar 3, 2015

The Bunny Loop is just one example in the spectrum of possibilities that 3D printing is capable of achieving. What will your invention be?

When the beautiful wife of David Gaylord, one of MatterHackers’ esteemed designers, came to him with a problem, 3D printing was his solution. Gaylord’s wife, who works with autistic children, found that she was having a difficult time training her younger students how to tie their shoes.

“She asked if I could design and print something to help her with shoe tying training at work. It needed to be portable, sturdy, and replicate a shoe that is easy to lace. She wanted to print a few of them in bright colors with the intent of having a familiar object at the house, school, and office for training continuity.” Gaylord said, “So I got to work.”


What's new in MatterControl 1.2.2
Chris Moore | Published Feb 26, 2015

MatterControl 1.2.2 has dozens of exciting updates - making it more user friendly and more functional. Here are some the key new features of MatterControl 1.2.2.

MatterHackers is excited to announce a new MatterControl update (version 1.2.2) which includes several new features like the Pop Out Settings and Controls Windows, Peer-to-Peer options, the Hexagon infill setting and much much more. Come take a look at whats new. (More)