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MatterControl Now Available for Linux
Kevin Pope | Published Jan 5, 2015

MatterHackers announces initial support for MatterControl Desktop, its all-in-one 3D printing software, on Linux. MatterControl Desktop is now available for immediate download for users of Ubuntu with additional platforms coming soon.

MatterHackers is proud to announce the release of a beta version of MatterControl Linux with initial support for Ubuntu. This version includes all of the features and modifications from the recent 1.2 release, including newly implemented dual extrusion features and access to popular plugin tools such as the Image Converter and Cloud Monitoring. (More)

MatterControl 1.2 - Multi Extrusion Unleashed!
Lars Brubaker | Published Nov 16, 2014

Support for multiple extruders, and a whole lot more, have been packed into the latest version of MatterControl 1.2.

MatterControl 1.2 is out and it is the best build we have ever made! It has tons of new features, and improvments to most of the existing ones. Here is a quick list of some of the things you can find in this build. (More)

Check Out CEO Lars Brubaker Present at SoCal MakerCon November 8
Erica Derrico | Published Oct 29, 2014

MatterHacker's CEO presents as a guest speaker at SoCal MakerCon

Don’t miss MatterHacker’s CEO, Lars Brubaker’s presentation on 3D printing at SoCal MakerCon Saturday, November 8, at 9:30 am. Brubaker, is a software geek, 3D printer enthusiast, and entrepreneur who is passionate about 'enabling people through technology'.

Brubaker will be going into depth on the 3D printing industry as a whole. He’ll be sharing how to print in 3D, what materials you can use, who is using 3D printing, and why it is changing the world we live in.

For more information please visit (More)