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The Most Incredible 3D Printed Dart Launcher You'll Ever See
Rhonda Grandy | Published Aug 17, 2016

Jesse Kovarovics, MatterHackers' August Hacker of the Month, creates the world's first 3D printed foam dart blaster: the FDL-1.

When it comes to foam dart guns, you could say that we here at MatterHackers are big fans. Seriously, not one holiday party has gone by where an all-out battle of flying foam darts ensues. So, needless to say, we were very excited to feature Jesse Kovarovics, creator of the FDL-1, for our August Hacker of the Month. 

To print your own FDL-1, visit the MatterHackers Digital Design Store, files are free! (More)

Ten 3D Printing YouTube Channels You'll Love
Mara Hitner | Published Jul 27, 2016

3D Printing gets a lot of love on YouTube, but which channels are the most useful, informative, and entertaining? Here’s a cheat-sheet to the stuff we think you’ll like, and insight from the creators on why you should watch.

Many of us got into 3D printing because we “saw something about it on YouTube and thought it was cool”. Since working at MatterHackers, one of the unexpected joys I've had has been the opportunity to work with and get to know this passionate community of makers. Those who have taken their 3D printing expertise to YouTube by creating their own channels. (More)

Beat Moisture Before It Kills Your Filament
Taylor Landry | Published Jul 27, 2016

Don't let moisture in the air affect your filament or your 3D prints. Take an in-depth look at the science behind your filament and how moisture affects it. 

All plastics, like 3D printing thermoplastic filaments, are polymers. Polymer science is a vast and complex field, but it’s fairly easy to understand what a polymer is. A polymer is a material made up of multiple repeating monomers. That probably sounds like another language, so let’s put it in terms of a material you are likely familiar with – PVC.  (More)

An Artistic Perspective on Printing Outside the Box
Rhonda Grandy | Published Jun 29, 2016

From giant statues to hydroponics, MatterHackers' July Hacker of the Month, Andrew Harmon, designs and constructs art pieces in addition to functional projects.

Last month, we published an article on exceeding the build volume of your printer - you can find it here if you missed it. Well, if anyone has been exceeding build volumes, as well as expectations, it's Andrew Harmon. Harmon, July's Hacker of the Month, has mastered transcending the limited space that certain 3D printers allow. (More)

Four Awesome Finishing Touches to Make Realistic Movie Models
Rhonda Grandy | Published May 18, 2016

Saroj Manandhar, MatterHackers' June Hacker of the Month, shares his secrets to achieving the sleek, detailed prints we all crave.

Saroj Manandhar, an Engineering Manager at The Toro Company, first learned about 3D printing when he attended a tradeshow in 1999, where he set his eyes on a Stratasys FDM 3000. Right then and there, he knew he had to have one. (More)

MatterControl 1.5 Released
Lars Brubaker | Published Feb 17, 2016

MatterControl 1.5 adds a new support system, real-time position tuning, and improved print reliability and quality. All this and more, and available to everyone.

MatterHackers is excited to announce the latest release of MatterControl, its open source, 3D printing software. This update, version 1.5, represents a significant advance to the 3D printing experience, adding features, improving performance and delivering the highest level of reliability. Thanks to our dedicated user community and diligent developers, the last four months have been spent working to bring the very best printer control and advanced slicing to this release. Now let’s dig into what’s new, and show off a few of MatterControl 1.5's many improvements. (More)

Create Your Own Custom Night Light
Erica Derrico | Published Feb 1, 2016

Matt Manhattan, our February Hacker of the Month, took a stab at merging an everyday object with 3D printed parts to create a new, customized item. With great success, he's done it! Everyone has one, but do you have your very own, personalized night light?

It began how all of us often get into 3D printing - a little curiosity. Two years ago, Matt Manhattan decided to follow through with that curiosity and jumped into 3D printing. Excited, Manhattan researched for a year and finally bought a machine - Ultimaker 2. (More)

MatterHackers Introduces 3D Printing Classes
Scott Cahoon | Published Jan 17, 2016

Check out our new online and in-store classes to begin or expand your journey into the wonderful world of 3D printing.

We all have our reasons for venturing into the 3D printing domain. My introduction to 3D printing traces back to a challenge fostered by a former colleague and close friend of mine a few years ago. I grew up in a tourist area where many local artisans used to make model lighthouses for sale in local shops and retail outlets. (More)