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3D Printed Wind Turbines- RMRD Tech Partners with MatterHackers to Bring Power to Nicaragua
Erica Derrico | Published Aug 4, 2015

Wind turbines are the future, and we are happy to be working with RMRD Tech, the company that is developing micro wind turbines to help better the world.

RMRD Technologies, a clean technology company based in Windsor, Ontario, has found a perfect partner in MatterHackers to power production of their 3D printed micro wind turbines in non-electrified communities in Central America. (More)

Two Legged Wiener Dog Keeps Rolling with 3D Printing
Erica Derrico | Published Aug 3, 2015

What do you get when you combine animal lovers and 3D printing? 3D designed and printed solutions for our fuzzy friends in need, of course! Meet Bubbles, the adorable fur baby with two legs and a 3D printed cart.

Congratulations to Trevor Byers, the 3D printing animal lover who gave his dog, Bubbles, the ability to walk. Bubbles the weiner dog, born July 27, 2014, came into the world without her two front legs - but, as you can tell from the picture below, this did not discourage her!  (More)

July 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Jul 6, 2015

Wait - THAT is 3D printed? Check out what Mekah Design Studios has done to make Standard PLA look like a rustic artifact.

Congratulations to Mekah Design Studios, our July 2015 Hacker of the Month! Mekah Design Studios has implemeted 3D printing into part of their craft. Printing for about a year, the Mekah team has been improving the speed and quality of their work with the use of their SeeMeCNC Orion. Less than a year ago, the team had a request for 20 trophies that they chose to fulfill with the help of 3D printing. (More)

June 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Jun 1, 2015

3D Printing and Skateboarding? Find out what they have in common with Kevin Seele and BLOCK Riser Innovations. Let all your hobbies collide!

It all began three years ago when Kevin Seele, founder of BLOCK Riser Innovations, wanted to combine his two favorite hobbies- skateboarding and building. While the designs for a skateboard's wheels, truck, and body had already expanded and changed over the years, risers had not. In fact, they had stayed exactly the same. Seele realized there was potential for a riser mechanism that had multiple functionalities, which led to the idea of BLOCK risers. (More)

Stop Adapting and Start Printing: The Brandy Story
Mara Hitner | Published May 31, 2015

Why adapt to a physical limitation when you could print something to make your life easier? Watch Brandy Leigh Scott, a woman living with Dupuytrens Contracture, learn to customize objects with 3D printing to meet her everyday needs.

My friend Brandy is the most badass chick I know - a very successful post-production supervisor for TV shows we all watch, a loyal and rabid Baltimore Ravens fan, and she will bury you at 80s hair metal trivia. She also has a rare condition called Dupuytrens Contracture; which basically means that since she was seven years old, her hands have been slowly closing up into fists, and she only has limited use of a few fingers. There’s no cure, and it’s progressive over time. (More)

May 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published May 28, 2015

Who said you had to be a big kid to print? Meet our nine-year-old Hacker of the Month, Abigail! She uses 3D printing to personalize her play time experience.

Small, but incredibly mighty, nine-year-old Abigail wowed us with her impressive dollhouse furniture designs. 

"I just went on Tinkedcad and started making stuff. It didn't look very real at first because it was flat and then I started adding shapes and it started to build itself," Abigail said.  (More)

April 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Apr 5, 2015

Introducing Troy Peterson - April's Hacker of the Month! Troy utilizes 3D printing to create silicone molds. Learn how easy it is to quickly develop prototypes for all your future projects that require molds and casts.

A big congrats to Troy Peterson, our April 2015 Hacker of the Month! Troy intrigued us with his method of using 3D printed parts to make production-ready silicone molds. His submission included a thorough video about creating molds for a Skin Rejuvenator that often gets mistaken for a hair dryer. Peterson, who works in Technical Sale and Marketing for BJB Enterprises, has a background in aerospace composites, mold-making, and graphic design. BJB has a long history in product development, entertainment, theme park, and manufacturing industries. They produce raw materials; not finished parts. (More)

MatterControl Delivers Optimized Hexagon Infill
Lars Brubaker | Published Mar 25, 2015

Hexagons are one of natures most efficient structures, combining great strength under compression with minimal material use. MatterControl now features hexagon infill designed to maximize strength and minimize weight.

MatterControl’s new hexagon infill is designed to be both strong and light, achieving the defining quality of hexagonal patterns. The reason hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature is due to their efficiency. In a hexagonal pattern, every line is as short as it can possibly be. Because of this, a large area can be filled with the fewest possible number of lines. For example, in a beehive, honeycombs require the minimum amount of wax to construct while providing the necessary functional strength. (More)