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MatterControl 1.5 Released
Lars Brubaker | Published Feb 17, 2016

MatterControl 1.5 adds a new support system, real-time position tuning, and improved print reliability and quality. All this and more, and available to everyone.

MatterHackers is excited to announce the latest release of MatterControl, its open source, 3D printing software. This update, version 1.5, represents a significant advance to the 3D printing experience, adding features, improving performance and delivering the highest level of reliability. Thanks to our dedicated user community and diligent developers, the last four months have been spent working to bring the very best printer control and advanced slicing to this release. Now let’s dig into what’s new, and show off a few of MatterControl 1.5's many improvements. (More)

Create Your Own Custom Night Light
Erica Derrico | Published Feb 1, 2016

Matt Manhattan, our February Hacker of the Month, took a stab at merging an everyday object with 3D printed parts to create a new, customized item. With great success, he's done it! Everyone has one, but do you have your very own, personalized night light?

It began how all of us often get into 3D printing - a little curiosity. Two years ago, Matt Manhattan decided to follow through with that curiosity and jumped into 3D printing. Excited, Manhattan researched for a year and finally bought a machine - Ultimaker 2. (More)

MatterHackers Introduces 3D Printing Classes
Scott Cahoon | Published Jan 17, 2016

Check out our new online and in-store classes to begin or expand your journey into the wonderful world of 3D printing.

We all have our reasons for venturing into the 3D printing domain. My introduction to 3D printing traces back to a challenge fostered by a former colleague and close friend of mine a few years ago. I grew up in a tourist area where many local artisans used to make model lighthouses for sale in local shops and retail outlets. (More)

January 2016 Hacker of the Month- Freebird Flight
Roger Freeman | Published Jan 13, 2016

Roger Freeman, inventor of the Freebird Flight drone, shares his 3D printing story and the process behind developing his drone.

Technology and the latest gadgets have always been an interest to me, but they were confined to hobbies during my limited free time as a financial analyst for nearly 20 years. I decided to take some time away from that world in early 2014 after  the 2008 financial crisis effects sapped the industry of a lot of the bright minds that had attracted me to it in the mid-‘90s. I was hoping to unleash my creativity in developing something new where I could make a difference, and I was excited to finally have some time to do that. (More)

December 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Dec 16, 2015

Seventeen years ago, Kyle Weems was assigned a science project on yo-yos that sparked an untapped passion. Since then, he has turned that passion into a business: 3D printed custom yo-yos.

In 1998, promotional ads worldwide were running on yo-yos. Not only were these toys fun, but they were educational. That same year, Kyle Weems was assigned to do a science project on these entertaining toys, seeing that they were (and still are) the perfect example of rotational physics. As his love for yo-yos grew, Weems had no idea that this particular science project would change his life.  (More)

November 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Nov 8, 2015

Meet Todd Borrel, a man who had an idea for his video game controller and learned how to create it with 3D printing in a matter of months.

It all began when Todd Borrel was playing a football game on his Xbox when the problem started to arise. His thumbs kept slipping on the joystick controllers causing his game performance to suffer. After several torturous games, Borrel decided enough was enough - he was going to create something to solve his problem. (More)

October 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Oct 5, 2015

How one couple combined 3D printing with their passion for homebrewing by designing a 3D printed keg dispensing system for specialty suds.

Last December, Joe Dietz and his wife Amy needed a way to dispense their homebrewed beer on the go. With a great idea and the power of 3D printing, they found their solution: Attach-a-Tap! (More)

MatterControl 1.4 Sneak Peek - See What's New
Kevin Pope | Published Sep 22, 2015

The latest version of MatterControl, scheduled for release October 5th 2015, delivers a better way to manage your 3D designs, web-based 3D printing control, support for x3g, and much more.

MatterControl is one of the most popular 3D printing programs around - it slices, it dices, and, paired with a 3D printer, it helps you turn your ideas into physical objects. Since its release, MatterControl has helped users get the most out of their 3D printer with easy setup, powerful slicing, sms/email notifications, print queuing, model editing and 3D print previewing. The latest iteration of MatterControl, version 1.4, is currently scheduled for release on October 5th. This update is set to be the finest version of MatterControl yet, with loads of new design management features and expanded connectivity giving you unparalleled convenience when it comes to managing your 3D prints. (More)