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April 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Apr 5, 2015

Introducing Troy Peterson - April's Hacker of the Month! Troy utilizes 3D printing to create silicone molds. Learn how easy it is to quickly develop prototypes for all your future projects that require molds and casts.

A big congrats to Troy Peterson, our April 2015 Hacker of the Month! Troy intrigued us with his method of using 3D printed parts to make production-ready silicone molds. His submission included a thorough video about creating molds for a Skin Rejuvenator that often gets mistaken for a hair dryer. Peterson, who works in Technical Sale and Marketing for BJB Enterprises, has a background in aerospace composites, mold-making, and graphic design. BJB has a long history in product development, entertainment, theme park, and manufacturing industries. They produce raw materials; not finished parts. (More)

MatterControl Delivers Optimized Hexagon Infill
Lars Brubaker | Published Mar 25, 2015

Hexagons are one of natures most efficient structures, combining great strength under compression with minimal material use. MatterControl now features hexagon infill designed to maximize strength and minimize weight.

MatterControl’s new hexagon infill is designed to be both strong and light, achieving the defining quality of hexagonal patterns. The reason hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature is due to their efficiency. In a hexagonal pattern, every line is as short as it can possibly be. Because of this, a large area can be filled with the fewest possible number of lines. For example, in a beehive, honeycombs require the minimum amount of wax to construct while providing the necessary functional strength. (More)

March 2015 Hacker of the Month
Erica Derrico | Published Mar 9, 2015

Check out March's Hacker of the Month! It's a great way to learn about new projects and designs to print - get to know your fellow 3D printing community through this friendly monthly competition!

Congratulations to Chris Wlezien, our March 2015 Hacker of the Month who impressed us with his practical and thoughtful Father's Day present! After his father had recently moved, Wlezien created a unique controllable LED address bar that made for the perfect Father's Day gift.  (More)