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3D Printer World Expo 2014
3D Printer World Expo 2014

Lars Brubaker presents at the 2014 3D Printer World Expo

MatterHackers CEO Lars Brubaker lays down some knowledge at the 2014 3D Printer World Expo.

Lars Brubaker, our Chief MatterHacker, spoke recently at the 2014 3D Printer World Expo, covering a range of 3D printing topics - from materials to troubleshooting.  In case you missed it, you can still check out the slides that accompanied those presentations below.

Presentation: Troubleshooting Common Problems with 3D Printing

A panel of experts demonstrates common 3D printing problems and challenges, and how to troubleshoot and resolve them.

Presentation: Intro to Open Source 3D Printing Software - MatterControl

An introduction to the popular open source printer control and slicing software program MatterControl.

Presentation: 3D Printing Materials - The Common and Exotic

A review of commonly used materials as well as exotic filaments, their applications and limitations, plus printing tips on temperature, speed, support infill and other issues.

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