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Please Note:
We will attempt to print your parts exactly as delivered.
  • The quote that we will give you for printed parts does not include any design or format translation services. If your parts cannot be processed by the software we use on our printers (, then we will not be able to provide a quote.
  • If you are in need of design or format translation services, please include a note regarding your request and your phone number in Additional Instructions and we will contact you separately.
We achieve our excellent pricing through the use of RepRap-style consumer 3D printers. These printers have the following constraints:
  • The parts we print are very good quality for consumer 3D printing, but do not look like the results you would get on a high end commercial 3D printers. The parts we print will have clean but visible layers, and the edges will be noticeably rougher than a commercial 3D printer would produce. Parts that have overhangs greater than 45 degrees or unsupported structures may not be printable. We can attempt to print with support material but parts that require support may look less finished.
  • Our printers have an effective printing area of approximately 190x190 mm and a height of 85 mm. Large parts can be split into multiple prints, and then glued together with either cyanoacrylate (regular super glue) for PLA or ABS glue for ABS.
It is possible to post-process the printed parts to some degree. They can be sanded, painted and heated (to about 200c) to smooth or finish them. For ABS you may also use acetone to smooth the outside layer. We have achieved the best results with small amounts of acetone on ABS, and a hot air gun on PLA.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us.