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MAKEiT 3D Printers

About MAKEiT

MAKEiT 3D provides the highest resolution desktop 3D printers available. Weather it be the PRO-M to the full size PRO-L, MAKEiT 3D printers are capable of creating highly detailed 3D prints with an XY resolution of 0.01mm and a layer height (z-resolution) of 0.01mm as well. Their rigid steel and aluminum construction means MAKEiT printers are built to last and will hold up in the most demanding environments and ensures long-term durability. Combined with built in dual extrusion out of the box and the ability to use each nozzle at the same time to create two identical parts, MAKEiT 3D printers provide many production options to their users. To make the printers blend easily into any workshop and be readily expandable, both MAKEiT 3D printers are wall mountable. The all metal hotend means the MAKEiT PRO-M and the MAKEiT PRO-L are equally capable of 3D printing with any material, from everyday PLA and ABS to functional filaments like Nylon, Polycarbonate and flexible TPE. Both printers feature a modular toolhead that attached to the machine with a single connector. This makes cleaning or changing out nozzle sizes easy without having to difficult angles. The semi-automated calibration utilizing the built in LCD screen makes setup and print monitoring simple and easy. The MAKEiT 3D printers are defined by professional quality prints and robust construction. From serious hobbyists to mass production, a MAKEiT 3D printer will take your ability to create to the next level.