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BQ Ciclop 3D Scanner Kit Advanced Laser Scanner

The BQ Ciclop is a fully open source laser scanner designed to help you scan objects for 3D printing! Become a part of the 3D scanning open source community today and contribute to the development of 3D scanning technology with the BQ Ciclop.

This is a cutting edge scanner which is recommended for advanced users. After assembling the BQ Ciclop, you will need to use multiple pieces of software to turn your file into a printable STL file.

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The BQ Ciclop scanner is fully open source meaning that all of the source files for the hardware and software are made available online. That means you are free to make adjustments and upgrades to the Ciclop and then to share those changes with the community. This is the first open source scanner with open source software on the market.

How does Ciclop work? Ciclop is a 3D rotational laser triangulation scanner. That means that is makes use of two separate lasers and projects those lasers over the object you are scanning. Your object will rotate on the turntable and the lasers will catalogue both the geometry and texture of your object. Once you unbox the Ciclop, you can fully assemble the scanner in under an hour.

Start scanning large objects today and enjoy a scannable area of 250mm in diameter by 205mm tall. That means you can scan objects that are slightly smaller than a volleyball. The scanner captures textures and details with a precision of 500 microns. 


  • Scanning precision: 0.5 mm
  • Steps per rotation: 1600 max (1/8th microstepping)
  • Maximum supported weight: 3 KG
  • Typical scanning time (configurable): 2-8 minutes
  • 3D scanning volume:
    • Diameter: 250 mm
    • Height: 205 mm


  • Control Board: ZUM BT-328
  • Power board: ZUM SCAN
  • Logitech C270 HD Camera
  • 2 Class 1 line lasers
  • Connection through included Micro USB cable
  • 12V 1.5A power supply
  • 1 NEMA stepper motor (1.7A 1.8 deg/step)
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