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Wolfbite Maximum Bed Adhesion Solution for ABS and PETG - 2 oz

Eliminate warping today with the Wolfbite bed adhesion solution for ABS filament. This solution is applied to your print bed and causes ABS printed parts to stick firmly to the bed without warping. Our printing techs have started printing all of their ABS parts with this solution because it works so well. Try some today and stop messing with curled up ABS parts!

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This solution is ideal for use with ABS or PETG and will help either material bond to the bed of your printer. The solution is low odor and actually lasts quite a while - 1 bottle of Wolfbite will last for about 100 uses. 

How to Use Wolfbite

Start by giving the bottle a good shake and then dip the foam applicator into the Wolfbite liquid. Next, simply paint the solution onto a cold glass bed in broad strokes. Make sure to cover the entire area where your part will be printed. Now you are ready to heat your bed and start printing!

When using Wolfbite there is no need to use Kapton tape on your print bed.