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BCN3D Sigma Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer

The BCN3D Sigma is the first and only independent dual extrusion (IDEX) 3D printer. This IDEX design allows the BCN Sigma to achieve the most accurate dual extrusion prints possible. The BCN Sigma can also print highly detailed parts with layers as small as 50 microns. Start printing massive dual extrusion parts today with an industry leading build area of 8x12x8 inches.

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Independent Dual Extrusion Printer (IDEX)

The most exciting part of the new BCN Sigma 3D printer is the revolutionary independent dual extrusion system. This IDEX system means that 2 extruder heads on the machine are not joined together but instead operate independently, one head at a time. This unique design allowed us to print and complete the most difficult dual extrusion 3D printed part we have ever encountered (see picture below). Every other machine that we tried this part on failed - the BCN Sigma was the only machine to deliver.

Print with EVERY Material

The BCN Sigma comes standard with 2 all-metal hotends which are capable of printing at up to 280C. That means you are able to print with every 3D printing material including PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, Flexible filaments, metal hybrids, and so many more.

Game of Thrones chair printed in black ABS

Quick and Painless Setup

Once you open your new BCN Sigma printer you will be up and printing within 10 minutes. There is no assembly necessary with this printer. Additionally, each BCN3D printer is shipped in frustration free packaging to save you even more time.

Untethered Printing

Enjoy untethered printing every day with the BCN Sigma. Each Sigma comes with a built in touch screen LCD which allows you to print all your files using an included SD card.

1 Year Warranty

BCN3D is confident in the quality of their 3D printers which is why they provide an industry leading 1 year warranty.

Seeing is Believing

The BCN Sigma really speaks for itself when you see it in action. Take a look at the video below to learn a little more about the BCN Sigma and its IDEX system.

Why Buy a BCN 3D Printer

BCN 3D is a market leader in European 3D printing. While they are newer to the scene in America, they are one of the dominant 3D printing companies in Spain and all of Europe. The company started off in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Spain and now they have been developing and designing 3D printers for several years. Because BCN 3D started in an educational setting, the company is relentlessly committed to continuous improvement.

Why Buy From MatterHackers

At MatterHackers we pride ourselves on offering friendly service, advice and support. Our prices are always the lowest in the industry when you factor in our free shipping for every item on the MatterHackers site (including 3D printers). Most of all, our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They have been 3D printing for several years now and are happy to answer your 3D printing questions. Have a question about the amazing capabilities of your new Sigma? No problem. Feel free to give us a call.

In short, buying a 3D printer from MatterHackers is a holistic experience. We are here to partner with you through every step of your 3D printing journey. Additionally, we have all of the PLAABS, and Specialty Filament that you could ever need to design anything you can imagine.

Tech Specs

Structural technology Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX)
Manufacturing technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Print volume 210mm x 297mm x 210mm
Extruders 2
Filament Size 3.00mm
Nozzle diameter 0,4mm (Standard) / 0,6mm
Heated bed PCB
TouchPAD Resistive Full Color
Electronics BCN3D Electronics v1.0 & Independent Stepper Drivers
Firmware BCN3D Sigma – Marlin
Supported files gcode
Noise 58 dB(A)
Certifications CE / FCC
Connectivity SD Card (autonomous operation) & USB
Layer height 50 microns to 300 microns (IDEX) (Standard nozzle of 0.40mm)
Positioning resolution (X/Y) 0,0125mm (FFF)
Positioning resolution (Z) 0,001mm
Maximum extruder temperature 280°C
Maximum hot bed temperature 100°C
Support Structures PVA for PLA // HIPS for ABS

Please note - due to the size of this specific printer, a shipment charge may apply for orders outside of the continental 48 United States (orders inside the continental 48 will ship free). If you live outside of the continental United States, please email us for a shipment quote.