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ROBO 3D R1 PLUS Fully Assembled 3D Printer

The most affordable fully assembled 3D printer on the market has been fully upgraded to the R1 Plus! ROBO has upgraded their R1 with all new linear motion and lead screws for better quality, performance, and consistency. They’ve also improved the filament feeding system for ease of use, and added additional components to make the leveling, guidance, and performance of the R1 Plus better than ever. Print with PLA, ABS, and specialty materials without any assembly or modification. Enjoy a super low and precise layer height of 0.10mm! The R1 Plus comes with an all metal hotend so you can print with tons of materials!

Do you often dream of creations that you wish you could produce at the press of a button? Well today is your lucky day! The ROBO 3D R1 Plus allows you to create whatever you can imagine. With a massive build volume of 10 x 9 x 8 inches and Automatic Calibration, this printer was made to bring your ideas to life.

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Do you have too many ideas and designs running through your head that are crying out "Build me!" or "Create me!"? Well you, my friend, are in luck, for the ROBO 3D R1 Plus allows you to do just that. Not only is this 3D printer fully assembled so you can start printing your creations right away, but it is one of the most affordable on the market - in the days of old, 3D printers used to cost upwards of $3,000, but this reliable, sturdy, and ready-to-go printer is only $799!

One of the best aspects of the ROBO 3D R1 Plus is the SD Card printing capability. This feature allows you to print directly from your SD Card. You can remove your computer, take it for a walk outside if your heart desires, and your creation will continue to print successfully while you are out and about. No need to get tangled up in more wires!

Another great component is that the ROBO 3D R1 Plus contains automatic calibration. This makes printing your 3D objects much, much easier. Proper calibration is crucial to a successful print, and it also improves accuracy and quality. So why not have it done automatically so you don't have to sweat? Your only task on the road to perfect calibration is to bring the head down to touch two different parts of the heatbed, then the ROBO 3D R1 Plus has got your back - as well as all your 3D printing needs!

Love to save money, but hate the idea of losing quality in your prints? The ROBO 3D R1 Plus will help you sleep easily, because this printer has the poise of 100 micron resolution, which is the same demeanor as printers that can cost thousands of dollars. Not only can you print successfully, but you are saving your hard earned money! 

Many 3D printing connoisseurs can sometimes feel stifled by their big imaginations. Well, you will not feel smothered, because the ROBO 3D R1 Plus has a 10 x 9 x 8 inch build volume - which is one of the largest in desktop 3D printing. This build volume is over twice the size of other 3D printers, but, of course, it's only a portion of the price! 


  • Automatic Calibration
  • SD Card Printing
  • Upgraded Rods and Linear Bearings
  • Ugraded Linear Motion System 
  • Prints with both PLA and ABS, as well as LAYWOO-D3, t-glase, and other specialty filaments
  • 6 month part replacement warranty
  • Comes with a 300g spool of RoBo Blue filament to get you started!
  • Fully assembled!

Tech Specs

  • With Spool Holder: 15 x 22 x 18.25 in (38.1 x 55.88 x 46.35 cm)
  • Without Spool Holder: 15 x 17 x 18.25 in (38.1 x 43.18 x 46.35 cm)
  • Single Head Extrusion
  • 8.4 x 8.4 heated surface on 10 x 10 bed
  • 10 x 9 x 8 build volume - huge!
  • Prints in PLA and ABS as well as multiple specialty filaments
  • 0.4mm Hexagon All Metal hotend nozzle diameter; prints with any material available.
  • Uses 1.75mm filament
  • Plastic injection molded parts for longer lasting 3D printer
  • 8 Im8uu bearings for precise movement
  • 5 Nema 17 motors with 48 oz/in holding torque
  • 12V 30amps switching power supply (good for both 115v and 230v outlets)
  • 100 Micron Resolution

Why Buy A Robo

Robo 3D is run by a team of dedicated 3D printing enthusiasts down in sunny San Diego, California. We have the pleasure of working with Robo often since each Robo 3D unit ships with a custom version of MatterControl (so you can get the most out of your 3D printer!) Robo 3D began as a massively oversubscribed Kickstarter project with $650,000 in initial orders. Fast forward to today and they are now fulfilling traditional orders and continuing to make improvements to the Robo 3D printer. One of the best things about buying a Robo printer is that it comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty which covers parts replacements! That's one of the best warrantys you can find in the 3D printing industry. Get your Robo from MatterHackers today and enjoy our legendary service and support and free shipping along with the great 6 month warranty provided by Robo.

Why Buy From MatterHackers

When you buy a 3D printer from MatterHackers you get customized, attentive help and support. Additionally, our prices are always the lowest in the industry when you factor in our free shipping for every item on the MatterHackers site (including 3D printers). Most of all, our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They have been 3D printing for several years now and are happy to answer your 3D printing questions. Have a question about your new ROBO 3D R1? No problem. Feel free to give us a call. Additionally, the ROBO 3D R1 can be used with the industry leading 3D printing software, MatterControl which comes with the fastest, most accurate slicing engine, MatterSlice.

In short, buying a 3D printer from MatterHackers is a holistic experience. We are here to cater to you and walk you through every step of your 3D printing journey. After purchasing your ROBO 3D R1 we are here to give you the resources you need to succeed with your 3D printer and to start printing with MatterControl. Additionally, we have all of the PLAABS, and Specialty Filament that you could ever need to design anything you can imagine.

Check out the ROBO 3D R1 in action!


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I am new to 3d printing. I started with the UP!Mini which was a great plug n play. I have the ROBO 3D R1 PLUS now. I always use a raft, but with the ROBO the raft will not seperate from the model. What am I doing wrong?
- asked by Guest on February 20th, 2016 at 3:04p.m.
My Robo came printing the Z axis over .12 short per inch of print! After a lot of time, I found the eeprom setting was 2267.72 I'm having to change this every time I start the printer to 2591.70! Do I have the wrong Z axis (ballscrews) screws???
- asked by Al Mok on January 13th, 2016 at 9:15a.m.
Hi, does the Robo R1 plus allow support materials such as PolySupport. I know its only a single end but there are other single end printers that allow it so I wanted to make sure this one can to. I see that it says it prints various other material
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I have been making abs (vacuum formed) parts for years. One of the toughest most durable materials on the market, why are 3d printed abs parts so fragile? What about polycarbonate is it printable???
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What file types does your software support? I already have several 3D files. Also, can you explain in more detail how your program can handle support and flat prints? I have several pieces that are flat but they are thinner on one end, so it would need support on the thin end during the build.
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Does the printed part need support material? If "No" why not?
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