We currently have many different colors of FiberForce Pantone Premium PLA, but there’s still plenty of room to grow with the nearly 2,000 colors in the Pantone color matching system. Thanks to the system FiberForce has developed in their filament production lines, it is now possible to specify and custom order filament in exactly the Pantone you need.

Step 1: Deciding on a color

If you’re looking for the right color to match a company logo or a can of paint you already have for a project, then you already have what you need: the color code. Pantone has their own code, so you may need to do a conversion from a different one to Pantone using their conversion tool

Step 2: Filament Diameter

Consider whether you need 1.75mm filament or 2.85mm filament. We can split the order between the two, which is great for keeping a varied 3D printer farm stocked and ready!

Step 3: Process, Pricing and Wait Times

Each new color has to go through a certification process with Pantone to make sure everything matches; Fiberforce develops the recipe and manufactures the filament, sends a spool to Pantone who prints out a test piece and certifies the color based on the finished print and not based on the filament on the spool (so you may notice very slight differences of the filament color, but the printed parts will be truly Pantone certified). Each new color does need a certification fee and a minimum order quantity but just like all of our products, you can still expect free shipping on your entire order. There is an estimated lead time of 4 to 6 weeks from order placed to in your hands.

Step 4: Ordering

When you’re ready with the Pantone code of choice, your filament diameter, and the quantity you’d like, call or email one of our sales representatives to help you place an order for your set of filament. After the first order is placed and the color is matched, the color certification fee and minimum order quantity do not apply to any future orders.

3D printing adds another level of customizability to the manufacturing process, so of course it makes sense the next logical step is to customize the material color being used to match what you need. Having filament that perfectly matches your brand makes it that much easier to create products with consistency and make sure that with every print they are truly your specific color. To learn more about Fiberforce’s Pantone certified line of filament and order yours today, go to MatterHackers.com