The latest version of MatterControl (0.8.1) is out and available for download.  With this latest release several significant new features have been added.  The one we are most excited about is the addition of the 'CuraEngine' to our slicing options.  The CuraEngine is a c++ implementation of SkeinForge.  It is very fast and makes great prints.

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Other Exciting Features of 0.8.1

In addition to our new slicing functionality 0.8.1 now includes:

- New STL manipulation controls. You can now Mirror, Rotate and Scale your models after import.

- Integrated slice settings help. Every single setting lets you know how best to use it.

- 3D preview is much faster and more robust.

- GCode preview now shows the difference between travel and printing moves.

- You can now visualize the build volume of your printer in the 3D view.

- Finally, we have been making great progress on Auto Bed Leveling..

Special thanks to all our wonderful alpha testers!  Your feedback has been amazing at helping us get the bugs out of MatterControl.  Please keep the comments and ideas coming. We love hearing from all of you.

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