MatterControl (0.9.5) is out and available for download.

Here is a quick list of what's new:

  • SMS and e-mail notifications can be sent when a print is finished
  • Advanced Plating:
    • Automatic detection of multiple objects in a file
    • Add, remove and arrange multiple parts on the bed
    • Manipulate (scale/rotate/mirror/move) any individual objects
  • Updated to latest slicing engines (Slic3r 1.0 and CuraEngine 13.11.2)
  • Volume (cm3) is now shown on the print preview screen
  • Copy function in 'Print Queue' now creates a separate file instance
  • Window size is now saved and restored
  • Printers can now optionally auto-connect on startup

SMS and Email Notifications:

You have better things to do than hover over your 3D printer, plate-scraper in hand. Now MatterContol allows you to type in your email or mobile phone number and automatically recieve a notification when your print is ready!

Note: SMS capability is restricted to U.S. and Canada, for now.

Receiving a '3D print completed' notification.

New Print Complete Notification Options

Advanced Plating:

It's like regular plating, but kicked up a notch. You now have the ability to add, remove, and arrange multiple parts on the print bed. MatterControl will also automatically detect when a file contains multiple parts and make them all editable. Each of the parts can be separately manipulated, scaled, rotated, mirrored and moved.

Automatically Detects and Creates Separated Parts

Automatic Printer Connecting:

MatterControl now allows you to automatically connect to your printer on startup. When you set up a new printer, it will be set to auto connect by default. If you already have a printer set up, you can edit it and set it to automatically connect.

Now when you run MatterControl, all you have to do is select your part and press 'start'!

Option to Automatically Connect on Startup

MatterControl grows and improves every day, and we are always looking to make sure we are prioritizing the features our users want most. If you have something you would like to see in MatterControl, please let us know. We use your feedback to make sure we are working on the things that will make your printing easy, enjoyable, and useful.

Thank you!

- MatterControl Crew

And if you missed our last update be sure to check out all the geat features that made it into 0.9.4.