MatterHackers Maker Response Hub - Quick Facts:

  • 3,500+ volunteers have signed up in the Hub with 10,000+ 3D printers at the ready to start creating PPE components
  • So far, 3,500+ PPE components and counting have been delivered to multiple hospitals across the nation.
  • MatterHackers is partnered with nonprofit ATHENA so those without access to 3D printing can still help by donating - just one $25 donation produces 10 face shields, from creation to delivery. 
  • MatterHackers is offering 15% off their American-Made PRO Series filament, including PETG and RYNO, for volunteers printing for COVID-19 response. 
  • Whenever possible, the Maker Response Hub matches medical requests with local volunteers for safe, contactless curbside delivery.

When hospitals register their needs, we receive these cries for help:

  • “We have access to printers but probably not enough. We need these in the thousands, as soon as possible.” - Weill Cornell Medicine
  • “I am so happy to hear from you! Thank you so much!!!! When can you send them - my nurses and medical assistants don't have any.” - Fremont Urgent Care
  •  100 shields would supply our ER nurses, providers, and ancillary staff. We have several orders placed but it doesn't look like anything will be available in time. Your help is invaluable to our efforts.” - Children's Hospital in Ohio
  • “Thank you so much for reaching out - It means so much!. We are critically low and have no current supply, we would likely need a number in the thousands at the current rate of increased cases in the region.” Hospital in Connecticut

In response to COVID-19, MatterHackers has created the Maker Response Hub to connect volunteers with 3D printers to medical facilities across the United States that are in need of critical equipment. So far, the MatterHackers Maker Response Hub has had over 10,000 3D printers signed up to create personal protective components to be distributed to various hospitals across the U.S. 

Columbia University Medical Center & New York-Presbyterian Hospital staff have 3D printed face shields to fight COVID-19.
Columbia University Medical Center & New York-Presbyterian Hospital staff have 3D printed face shields to fight COVID-19.

The Maker Response Hub includes forms for individual makers, print labs, and engineers with 3D printers or other digital fabrication tools to register their machines and start making crucial supplies. Healthcare professionals and medical facilities can also use the Response Hub to register for assistance and to be connected to local manufacturing sources. 

The Maker Response Hub houses a list of 3D-printable models that have been vetted by medical professionals to test if they are functional. “This is the perfect demonstration for why 3D printing is so important,” states Dave Gaylord, Head of Product at MatterHackers and a former medical device engineer. “You can improve on a design and make changes that are implemented immediately - even once production has started - without costly and time-consuming molds. With hundreds of volunteers printing, we simply have to distribute a file and mass production of these important items can begin.”

The Maker Response Hub includes a way for people without access to 3D printers to support the rapid production of needed supplies through donations. MatterHackers has teamed up with ATHENA Rapid Response Innovation Lab, a nonprofit organization focused on bringing quick manufacturing solutions to people during times of crisis. ATHENA is supporting multiple efforts responding to the coronavirus global pandemic, including individuals creating prototypes and producing personal protective equipment (PPE) the sponsorship of materials, equipment, and fulfillment. Donors can help offset the cost of materials for volunteers to deliver these items to the front line medical workers that desperately need them. 

Healthcare professionals at Geisinger Health Systems wear 3D printed face shields supplied by the MatterHackers Maker Response Hub.
Healthcare professionals at Geisinger Health Systems wear 3D printed face shields supplied by the MatterHackers Maker Response Hub.

“We understand the human need to help one another in times of a crisis,” states Mara Hitner, Director of Business Development at MatterHackers, “the passion and willingness of the 3D printing community to help was overwhelming, so we created the Maker Response Hub to channel that energy and skill into something meaningful. MatterHackers is privileged to be able to do what we do best - connect people with solutions to be successful in making anything.  It’s like we’ve all been training our whole maker lives for this moment.”

MatterHackers has always been the best resource for 3D printers and digital fabrication equipment, as well as brand-agnostic product recommendations, educational material and guides, and free support to ensure success with 3D printing and manufacturing needs. With an extensive customer base, some of which have access to print labs with over 50+ machines, MatterHackers is in a unique position to connect the additive manufacturing community with experts in various medical professions. 

Teaming up with a variety of companies, MatterHackers was able to connect businesses that use fleets of desktop 3D printers like Gantri, the world’s first digital manufacturer for designer lighting, and Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), a New York and Copenhagen based architecture firm, with hospitals across the nation in need of supplies. “With all the news we have been hearing, we recognized the need for supplies was very serious and knew we wanted to help,” stated Jennifer Pham, the Community Manager at Gantri, continuing that “since our factory is located domestically, we shifted our normal production to be dedicated to helping provide health workers with PPE as a top priority.”

Palo Alto Medical Center receiving 3D printed PPE from Maker Response Hub volunteers.
Palo Alto Medical Center receiving 3D printed PPE from Maker Response Hub volunteers.

Of course, the maker community and makerspaces play a crucial role in manufacturing supplies as well. MatterHackers contacted 3DPPGH, a 3D printing meetup group in Pittsburgh, immediately after being contacted by another one of their Pennsylvania-based customers, Geisinger Health Systems, who was in need of supplies and was a front-runner in helping approve the 3D models needed. “We at 3DPPGH have a great community ready and willing to do anything we can to get critical safety measures into the hands of medical professionals on the front lines,” said Chris Yohe of 3DPPGH, adding that “working with Matterhackers has allowed us to fulfill some of these needs even faster and identify new ones we were unaware of helping us to have a greater impact, and they had already taken care of the red tape that comes with choosing a design letting us get down to what we do best - cranking out parts.”

“Making these connections as quickly and efficiently as possible is the entire goal of the Maker Response Hub,” states Hitner. “If we can supply even just one medical professional with life-saving equipment, it will have all been worth it.” 

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