Polymaker PolyFlex True White - 1.75mm (0.75kg)

Polymaker's PolyFlex is the perfect 3D printing filament solution for applications where high flexibility and durability are required. PolyFlex is a TPU-based 3D printing filament that can be used to create parts that bend, flex, squish, and stretch. You can 3D print items like drive belts, phone cases, or rubber grommets, all without the need to use a heated bed! PolyFlex has the ability to bond to almost all 3D printer build plate surfaces, so 3D printing with this material is a breeze.

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PolyFlex is an excellent material to use for creating flexible prints. It requires no heating to the build plate due to its impressive adhesion to most build surfaces. PolyFlex TPU 3D printing filament also produces high quality prints with exceptional interlayer adhesion and remarkable toughness. This material has a shore hardness of 95A and has the ability to stretch to more than 3 times its original length.

It is extremely crucial to keep your PolyFlex filament dry, as it is hygroscopic and absorbs atmospheric moisture. We recommend keeping your PolyFlex in a resealable bag with a desicant pack, and drying at 70˚C for at least 12 hours before using the filament for 3D printing.


  • Net Weight: 1 Kg <± 20g (Typical <+ 20g)
  • Diameter (Tolerance): 1.75 mm ±0.05 mm
  • Nozzle Temperature: 210˚C – 230˚C
  • Printing Speed: 20mm/s – 40mm/s
  • Heated Bed: 25˚C – 60˚C
  • Recommended bed surface: any
  • Cooling fan: On
  • This material is hygroscopic, and it is recommended to dry at 70˚C for 12 hours before printing

You may view the full TDS (Technical Data Sheet) here!

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