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Raise3D 3D Printers

About Raise3D

Raise 3D has created multiple 3D printer options to suit any project, boasting some of the largest build volumes available along with a fully enclosed design. All are available with dual extrusion and ship fully assembled, from the Raise3D N1 to the N2 and N2 Plus with it’s massive 12x12x24” build area. The fully enclosed build platform combined with a heated print bed means this is the perfect printer for ABS or Nylon material which can warp if cooled too quickly. Printing with a Raise3D printer is especially user-friendly due to a 7” full color touchscreen which allows for complete device control as well as print monitoring and fine tuning during a print. The functionality of this screen can also be accessed via wifi over a LAN setup, meaning you can control your Raise3D printer from anywhere in your home or office. The material options with Raise 3D printers includes industry standards like PLA and ABS but also specialty filaments such as PETG, HIPS. Each Raise 3D printer also features an onboard battery backup so in the event of a power failure the printer will pause the current project and store it’s progress before shutting down.