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BCN3D Sigma R19 Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer

The revolutionary BCN3D Sigma has evolved into the R19 Sigma - a new and improved dual extrusion 3D printer. The team at BCN3D leverages the IDEX design with duplication and mirror printing modes, along with other design improvements, to boost productivity and shorten the design and production process.
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Made for Professionals

The BCN3D Sigma R19 is a professional-grade desktop-sized 3D printer especially characterized by its innovative approach to dual extrusion. The re-engineered R19 features new improvements to the older R17 model including new IDEX system printing modes and design upgrades.

Innovative IDEX Design

Thanks to the unique IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) system, the Sigma R19 is a versatile 3D printer that gives you the ability to print multicolor or multimaterial all while providing the finest surface finish. The IDEX system is defined by two extruder heads that are not joined together but instead operate independently, one head at a time. The idle toolhead remains parked which prevents the dripping of molten plastic onto the part.

New Duplication and Mirror Mode

The IDEX system now comes with the ability to print the same model on both toolheads at the same time, doubling the printing capacity. You will also now be able to print a model and it's symmetrical counter-part at once, further increasing iteration speed and shortening design time. 

Mix and match nozzles sizes with IDEX

Improved and Upgraded

The new version of the Sigma features the same quiet fans and upgraded stepper motor drivers of the older model. Other improvements include redesigned Sigma HotEnds by E3D and Sigma extruders by BondTech featuring high-tech dual drive gears. The new hotends provide smoother and more reliable extrusion while the extruders offer more control, detail and superior performance regardless of filament type.

Upgraded fans and motor drivers

Capacitive Touchscreen

The capacitive touchscreen allows for easier user interaction and an overall smoother user experience. Perform calibration tests and manage prints right at the machine without the need of a connected computer. Load projects via an SD card and start printing immediately.

What's In The Box

  • 1x BCN3D Sigma R19
  • 1x Tool Kit
  • 1x 3DLac Adhesive Spray
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 2x PLA Spools

Technical Specifications

Printer Properties

  • Architecture: IDEX
  • Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Build Volume: 210mm x 297mm x 210mm
  • Extruders: 2
  • Nozzle diameter: The Sigma come stock with two 0.4mm hotends and is compatible with BCN3D hotends 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1mm
  • Heated Bed: PCB
  • Screen: Full Color Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Electronics: BCN3D Electronics v1.0. and Independent Stepper Drivers
  • Firmware: BCN3D Sigma - Marlin
  • Supported files: gcode
  • Operating Sound: 50 dBA
  • Connectivity: SD (autonomous operation) / USB
  • Certifications: CE / FCC

Printing Properties

  • Layer Height: 0.05-.5mm (depending on the nozzle diameter)
  • Positioning Resolution (X/Y/Z): 12.5 µm / 12.5 µm / 1 µm
  • Operating Temperature: 15 ºC - 35 ºC
  • Maximum extruder temperature: 290 ºC
  • Maximum printing temperature: 280 ºC
  • Maximum hot bed temperature: 100 ºC
  • Support material: PVA for PLA /HIPS for ABS


  • Filament diameter: 2,85 ± 0.05 mm
  • Compatible Materials: PLA / ABS / Nylon / PET-G / TPU / PVA / Composites / Others


  • Input: AC 84-240V, AC 3,6-1,3A, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 24V DC, 13A
  • Power consumption: 240W

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