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BeeVeryCreative BEETHEFIRST Portable 3D Printer

BEETHEFIRST is a professional, easy to use and portable 3D printer. It is ideal for architects and designers and has a unique transportable pack, called BEEPACK, where you can find everything you need to start 3D printing.

Product No. MCN0E3G7

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BEETHEFIRST is made with architects and designers in mind. It is the first of its kind with its compact and portable design, making it ideal for tradeshows, classrooms, and presentations. At a total of 9.5kg, it is light enough for anyone to carry and not too bulky or awkward to hold.

BEETHEFIRST comes with a handle for easy transportation. All of its components are on the inside, so there is no odd shape. No matter what kind of spool you put in it, it will maintain its square shape that is easy on the hands and the eyes. 

Printing Material

  • PLA (⌀1.75mm)

Max. Build Volume

  • 190 x 135 x 125 (7.68 x 5.32 x 4.92 in)

Heated Build Plate

  • Not necessary for PLA Technology

Nozzle Diameter

  • 0.4mm

Structure Materials

  • High-quality powder-coated steel frame
  • White acrylic casing with glossy finish
  • High-grade steel linear guides
  • Removable polycarbonate build plate

Printer size (w/ & w/o spool)

  • 400 x 140 x 400mm (15.75 x 5.51 x 15.75 in)

Included Accessories

  • BEEPACK Transport case
  • Spool of black filament
  • Roll of blue tape
  • Region-specific power cable
  • USB cable
  • Spatula
  • Tweezers
  • Hex key

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