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bq Witbox Fully Enclosed 3D Printer

The bq Witbox is a Spanish-made, large volume, fully enclosed, child safe, 3D printer. The bq Witbox incorporates an innovative printing system inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, using a PTFE tube to feed the filament through. The Witbox can be used with a variety of open source software such as MatterControl.

Product No. MS5HMM2H

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The bq Witbox can be enjoyed by a beginner or advanced user. With a large print volume of 21 x 29.7 x 20 cm, you can print large scale objects and multiple parts simultaneously.

The bq Witbox is designed for functionality. It is fully enclosed with a locking front door system, preventing accidental access during printing and making it very safe for use, especially around children. The fully enclosed design minimizes noise, while preventing heat from escaping and controlling airflow. This well thought out combination maintains a constant temperature inside that is ideal for consistent printing.

The Witbox uses a PTFE tube to feed filament. The feeder system is housed within the printer unit itself, reducing the amount of contact between the filament and tube. Along with this, the reinforced Witbox chassis enables you to create a printer network by stacking up to three bq Witboxes on top of one another.

The bq Witbox is open source and is compatible with open source programs such as MatterControl. The hardware is also 100% open source so you can modifty, adapt, and change it to your liking.


  • Ramps 1.4
  • Mega 2560
  • LCD screen with rotary encoder and push-button navigation
  • 348W power source
  • 100k thermistors in the extruder
  • 40W, 12V heater cartridge

Layer Resolution             

  • High: 50 microns
  • Medium: 200 microns
  • Low: 300 microns

Print speed        

  • Recommended speed: 60 mm/sec
  • Maximum recommended speed: 80 mm/sec
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm


  • Dimensions (work area): Size DIN A4 x 20 cm high (the largest on the market)
  • Dimensions (printer): length - 505 mm, width - 388 mm, height - 450 mm
  • Dimensions (box): 64cm x 55cm x 65cm


  • PLA

General Mechanics        

  • Powder-coated steel chassis
  • Toughened chrome bars for carriages X, Y and Z
  • Igus bearings for X,Y and Z
  • Igus cable-chains
  • Igus power screw for the Z axis with flexible motor coupling
  • Three-point printer base levelling system with damping
  • Powder-coated moving parts and supports
  • A4-sized tempered glass base
  • Quick-change printer base system with neodymium magnets

Extruder Mechanics       

  • Single extruder
  • Own-design extruder
  • 0.4 mm nozzles
  • Cooling system for parts

Safety Features

  • EC certification
  • Enclosed device with door-safety feature


  • Pre-configured Marlin firmware
  • Compatible hosts: MatterControl, MatterControl Touch


  • SD card reader with 4 GB card included
  • USB port

Box content

  • 1 free PLA reel
  • 1 replacement hot end
  • Tools for replacing the hot end
  • 2 needles for extruder maintenance
  • Spooler
  • Witbox feet
  • Printed test part
  • Tempered glass base

You also have the option of stacking and linking up to three printers on top of one another. The system is inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, with a PTFE tube for threading the filament.This innovative system means the filament feeder tubes are fully housed with the interior of the machine, giving the device greater aesthetic appeal and ensuring that friction is kept to a minimum. We recommend that you only stack a maximum of three Witbox printers.

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