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Fillamentum Crystal Clear Iceland Blue PLA - 1.75mm (0.75kg)

From the PLA Extrafill line, this beautiful light blue prints translucent with single perimeters and darkens to an icy blue for more standard print settings. Fillamentum Crystal Clear Iceland Blue PLA is also perfect for printing your favorite ice castle!
Product No. MRL5GC5V
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A fantastic multi-use filament

Iceland Blue PLA is great for a wide variety of 3D Printing projects due to it's transparency when printed with thin perimeters and low infill yet also being able to create beautiful deep blue print with more infill and thicker perimeters. So weather your next project is a spiral vase, ice castle, or (awesome) blue spines, Iceland Blue delivers incredible results.

Technical Specifications

  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm +/- 0.05mm
  • Extrusion temperature: 220°C +/- 10°C
  • Bed Temperature: Heated bed not required for PLA, but run at 55°C if you printer has one
  • Filament weight: 750g (250g spool)
  • Filament length: 255m