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Fuel3D SCANIFY Digital Handheld 3D Scanner

Fuel3D's Digital Handheld 3D Scanner is a point and shoot imaging system that captures the shape and color of an object. This 3D Scanner is one of the most accurate and affordable scanners on the market!

Not only is the scanner accurate, but it is the world’s first 3D scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process files in seconds.

Product No. MS3C4C7Y
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Price: 1,490.00 USD
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Fuel3D's Digital Handheld 3D Scanner is perfect for anyone who wants to create quick, easy 3D models. From game developing to printing, this scanner fits all your dimensional needs! The scanner is great for capturing many different things, like:

  • Skin, e.g. faces and body parts
  • Fabrics
  • Organic subjects e.g. plants, leaves
  • Stone, masonry, brick
  • Food
  • Artwork, e.g. textured paintings, statues

To learn about more technical specifications and usability, click here. 

The scanner uses stereoscopic imaging, which utilizes two camera viewpoints, where each camera represents an eye - this mimics a persons' vision, providing a 3D image that alludes depth. 

The cutting edge technology that fuels this scanner combines geometic and photometric 3D recovery techniques - these finely tuned techniques allow the user to caoture high resolution 3D color images. The scanner works very well with high textured surfaces of any variety. 

Once a shot has been taken on the scanner, the raw image data is converted into 3D geometrical data by the scanner's included software. To run the Fuel3D software, you will need a reasonable specification computer (Mac, Windows 7 or higher, 2GB RAM, dual-core processor). The software allows you to trim unnecessary areas, adjust the resolution for export, and export to commonly used 3D files, like .STL, which is crucial for 3D printing!