LayerLock Garolite Build Surface

Expand your 3D printing horizons with LayerLock Garolite Build Surface! The ideal surface for NylonX and NylonG, garolite takes the guesswork out of printing with nylon-based filaments. Also compatible with common 3D printer filaments like PLA, PETG, and TPU, this thin linen-based phenolic sheet with an adhesive backing guarantees strong adhesion between a print object and build surface. Invest in this extremely durable build surface once and receive a reliable build surface that will last a lifetime.

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Take your 3D printing to the next level with LayerLock Garolite Build Surface! Garolite takes the guesswork out of printing with nylon-based filaments such as NylonX and NylonG so your engineering-grade prints come out warp-free. Also compatible with common filaments like PLA, PETG, and TPU, this thin linen-based phenolic sheet with an adhesive backing provides strong adhesion between a print object and its build surface. Invest in this extremely durable build surface once and receive a reliable build surface that will last a lifetime.


Garolite sheets are the ideal choice when printing with standard 3D printing filaments, as well as advanced materials like nylon-based filaments. Most common bed surfaces tend to have difficulty producing consistent warp-free results due to nylon's fickle adhesion properties. LayerLock Garolite Build Surface, however, adheres strongly to nylon and allows for a high success rate when producing parts out of engineering-grade materials such as NylonX, and NylonG. Plan on printing with Nylon? This build surface is for you.

For tips on printing Nylon on garolite, check out Alec’s How to: 3D Print Nylon on Garolite Print Beds guide.

Successfully printing NylonX has never been easier than with LayerLock Garolite Build Surface.


Don't let its thin 0.038" thickness fool you. With proper care, LayerLock Garolite Build Surface will last for thousands of prints. It is an easy one-time investment for a lifetime of successful 3D prints. Parts not sticking as well anymore? See some wear or scratches? Lightly sand the top surface with 220g sandpaper (included) and LayerLock Garolite Build Surface will adhere prints to its build surface just as strongly, if not stronger, than it did before. These thin, durable garolite sheets with an adhesive backing will last a lifetime, making it an ideal build surface that hobbyists and professionals can rely on.

We trust garolite so much, we offer it on many of our Pulse models.


Expand your roster of reliable build surfaces with a LayerLock Garolite Build Surface! PEI and glass are great print surfaces, but your filament choices are limited. Replacing print bed sheets can also get expensive. Not only does garolite allow you to print nylon filaments, but it will also last virtually forever. This 0.038" thin linen-based, phenolic material with an adhesive backing provides effective bed adhesion, creating a strong bond between the printed object and the build surface. Simply remove the adhesive liner on the back of the thin garolite sheet and stick it onto an appropriate, solid build plate that generates or transfers heat. Now your build surface is ready to provide strong bed adhesion! Garolite is our only choice when printing with NylonX and NylonG, but it's also versatile and adheres well to many standard filaments.

Add garolite to your roster of reliable, durable build surfaces that successfully prints nylon filaments and more.


Dimensions Price Printer Compatibility
8" x 8" (203mm x 203mm) $36.87
  • RepRap Machines
9" x 10" (228mm x 254mm) $38.89
9.25" x 9.25" (235mm x 235mm) $39.89
  • Creality CR-20
  • Creality CR-20 Pro
  • Creality Ender 3
  • Creality Ender 3 Pro
11.02" x 14.06" (280mm x 357mm) $43.06
11.8" x 11.8" (300mm x 300mm) $42.28
12" x 12" (304mm x 304mm) $44.58
  • Creality CR-10S
  • Creality 10S Pro
13.07" x 13.39" (332mm x 340mm) $44.41
14.84" x 14.57" (377mm x 370mm) $49.99


  • Thin Garolite Sheet with an Adhesive Back
    • Thickness: 0.038" (0.97 mm)
  • Square of 220g sandpaper
  • 1 PVA glue stick


Wood-fill materials
Metal-fill materials[2][3]
Nylon (Various)[2]
Taulman 910[2]
Taulman T-Glase

[1]May require PVA glue
[2]Nylon Filament requires the 3D printer to have an all-metal hotend.
[3]Abrasive materials require the 3D printer to have a High Performance Nozzle such as a Hardened Steel Nozzle or Ruby Nozzle.

For success with polypropylene and OBC materials, check out LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene.


Installation is simple and easy for any printer setup. Clean your build plate with isopropyl alcohol. Then remove the adhesive liner on the back of the garolite sheet and stick it onto whatever build plate is installed on your specific printer. Whether it's a heated bed, a flexplate system or a sheet of glass, this LayerLock Garolite Build Surface is compatible. Once stuck to the build plate, re-level your surface based on your specific printer/setup with the newly installed LayerLock Garolite Build Surface and ensure the nozzle height is properly set. Thanks to the garolite sheet's thin thickness, adjustments to your z-height will be minor. That's it! You're ready to print.

For a more detailed walkthrough on "How to Succeed" with garolite installation, check out our article here!


Wipe the print surface before and after a print with isopropyl alcohol to maintain a clean surface. Clean off PVA glue with warm water. If the print surface becomes damaged, it is recommended that users lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper and a sanding block. It is best to sand the entire plate evenly to avoid creating low spots. Avoid inhaling dust particles from sanding by wearing a respirator mask.

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