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MatterControl - Image Converter Add-on

The Image Converter is an add-on for MatterControl that makes it incredibly easy to create a 3D printable file from a 2D image - no design experience required. Ideal for printing stencils, logos and silhouettes.

Simply upload an image to the image converter and MatterControl will convert the image to a 3D printable file which you can print right away!

3D printing just got fun for everyone!

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Using the Image Converter anyone can create 3D printable objects by simply selecting an image to convert - no prior 3d printing or design experience or knowledge required.

The Image Converter instantly takes 2D drawings and converts them to an extrusion which is immediately printable. Normally the process of converting from a flat image to an extrusion takes 30-60 minutes. The image converter accomplishes this task in less than a minute! The Image Converter makes it extremely convenient to create 3D extrusions from 2D images (even for novices)!

For example look at the gears in the picture below - all you have to do is draw out the gears in any program (Photoshop or Paint will do) and then save that file as a .jpg or .png and then upload the file to the Image Converter. Then you immediately have a 3D printable set of gears without having to work in any 3D design program

MatterControl - Image Converter Add-on

Customers are finding creative and effective ways to save time with the Image Converter. One of our customers named Colin has used the Image Converter to design a battery tray for a quad copter and has repaired broken RC planes with the converter.

Create Super Stencils in a Snap

Creating custom stencils with your 3D printer is now as simple as creating a 2D picture in paint (or another design program if you want to get fancy). Simply create your stencil design (like the one below) then upload that file to the image converter. From there you can adjust the scale and size of your stencil as well as the thickness. Alternatively, you can use the built in search function within the Image Converter to search for images online which you can then instantly use as a stencil or 3D printed object.

MatterControl - Image Converter Add-on
From picture to 3D printed stencil

How To Use

The Image Converter is an add-on for MatterControl, after purchase the add-on will be added to your MatterHackers account.

How to access it:
- Download the latest version of MatterControl
- Sign in using your MatterHackers account.
- Click the 'Create' button.
- Choose 'Image Converter'.

To convert an image:
- Select an image to convert (use your own image or search for one with the built in search function!)
- Adjust size/height to preference.
- Click 'Save & Exit'.

After saving, your printable design will be added your Print Queue. If your printer is compatible you may print print it directly from MatterControl, otherwise click 'Export' and save your part as an .STL file.

Free Demo

Not sure if the Image Converter is right for your project? Download MatterControl and check out the demo version.

MatterControl - Image Converter Add-on

Supported Formats

The image converter supports the following file formats: .PNG, .JPG, .TIFF, .BMP

Customer Reviews

"As soon as I saw the image converter upgrade I purchased it. There has been several times I've had a 2d drawing I needed to 3d print and spent a hour or more with solidoodle converting it. 2 days after I purchased it I had a friend bring over his RC plane, Me and several other all fly RC aircraft. He had broken one of the wing latches and there are no replacements, the only replacement is to buy a whole new wing. I took the broken part put it on my scanner then converted it with the image converter, exported to stl and repaired the damaged piece of it in tinkercad of all things. Total time including printing was about 20 minutes and it was fixed. My 15.00 purchased already saved my friend over 40.00. I used the image converter again last night to design a battery tray for a quad copter. I scanned the lower frame of the quad then converted to stl with the image converter loaded it into my cad and it took no time to design the batter tray because I had the frame in the cad to work from. I didnt have to measure anything once I size the frame" - Review by Colin on 7/12/14