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MoonRay S Grey Resin

MoonRay S Gray resin has been designed to make finishing easy. Your parts will print ready to paint, no primer necessary. This resin is formulated to be completely neutral -- it doesn’t lean warm or cool. Whether you’re prototyping or creating a finished product, MoonRay Gray Resin will make the process simple and produce stunning parts.
Product No. MFMYAFDM
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Print to Production quality

Perfect for modeling/sculpting or prototyping, this solid grey resin exactly what you need to start 3D printing production quality parts on your MoonRay S today. This resin produces parts ready to paint, without the need for sanding or priming. The color is similar to Pantone Cool Gray 7.

Strong support, easy to remove

This grey resin is perfect for creating stunning 3D printed parts weather or not they require support structure. When supports are needed, the slicing engine makes the connection points as small as possible to reduce post-processing time while also providing the necessary structure during printing.

Download the Safety Data Sheet here

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Material Safety Data Sheet