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Peopoly Peopoly Moai Hi-Temp Nex Resin, Natural (1L)

The latest resin from Peopoly, designed especially for the Moai by several top model makers, this awesome new resin boasts greater hardness and higher resolution for its prints. The neutral color allows for easy painting or sanding for model making.

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Product No. M-WE8-AGLP
List Price: $95.00

Perfectly paired with the Peopoly Moai

The Peopoly Moai was made for this resin, and it produces some beautifully smooth 3D prints. The magic of UV-sensitive resin printing is that layers are chemically bonded as they cure, and do not need to be squashed together like traditional FDM machines. This effectively eliminates the contoured edges present on all plastic parts and produces an incredibly smooth finish.

HiTemp Resin

This Hi-Temp Resin is a specialty material for the Moai that boasts the following properties:

  • High hardness
  • High Resolution
  • Low shrink
  • Great surface finish
  • Easy on the PDMS layer
  • Easy to sand and paint
  • Handles up to 180 C / 356F

SLA resin is technically a hazardous material, though you're safe to use it as long as you handle with care. It is recommended that you handle with nitrile gloves, and common sense. For more information on good resin practices, read our helpful article about it, here.

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