Peopoly Phenom Prime MSLA 3D Printer


The Peopoly Phenom Prime MSLA 3D printer is a powerful and high-speed resin 3D printer that is great for producing large parts or a full plate of smaller parts for manufacturing.

Top Phenom Prime MSLA 3D printer features:

• Large print volume - 277mm x 156mm x 400mm
• Powerful 6K UHD monochromatic LCD
• Best-in-class print resolution - 51μm

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The Peopoly Phenom Prime MSLA 3D Printer

A Powerful, High-Speed Resin 3D Printer

The Phenom Prime MSLA 3D printer is a reliable and robust resin 3D printer that is great for printing large objects or batches of smaller parts that can be printer all at once. 

Here are the key features of the Phenom Prime 3D printer: 

  • Large print volume

  • Powerful 6K UHD monochromatic LCD

  • Best-in-class print resolution

  • 500% faster than competing brands 

  • Customized cooling system for better prints

  • Open-source - use any compatible resin

Print Large, Beautifully Detailed Parts

The Peopoly Phenom Prime MSLA 3D printer has one of the largest print volumes available, allowing you to create large, end-use parts, prototypes, and more.

  • Build Volume: 276 × 155 x 400 mm
  • Prototype & create large end-use parts in-house
  • Print more parts at once
  • Beneficial for a wide variety of industries
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Thermoformed Braces

Faster, Sharper Resin 3D Printing

The Phenom Prime 3D printer is equipped with industry-leading 6K UHD monochromatic LCD/LED combination technology, which enables more uniform UV light for faster printing and higher quality results.

  • Powerful 6K UHD Monochromatic LCD/LED
  • Faster print times so you can meet deadlines
  • Cleaner, more detailed prints for fantastic results

Customized Cooling System for Better Quality Parts

The Phenom Prime 3D printer has a revolutionary cooling system that was designed to combat heat generated during the printing process. This unique feature helps the fine details on your models shine, as well as produces better results for larger prints. 

  • Quality 3D printed parts
  • Smaller details are more defined
  • System combats heat during the printing process
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What Resin Can I Use with the Phenom Prime 3D Printer?

The Phenom Prime MSLA 3D printer is an open-source printing which means that you don't have to use proprietary materials - you are free to use any compatible resin available, like MatterHackers PRO Series Resins. Here is a list of compatible resins: 

  • Any LCD/MSLA resin should produce great results when properly calibrated
  • Peopoly Deft Resin
  • MatterHackers PRO Series Resin
  • MH Build Series Resin
  • Liqcreate Resin
  • PhotoCentric Resin

What is MSLA 3D Printing?

MSLA, or Masked Stereolithography Apparatus, is a type of 3D printing where an LCD/LED light source is used to project images layer-by-layer, curing the resin onto your build plate and forming a solid object. 

Here are some of the benefits of MSLA 3D printing: 

  • Faster Print Speeds - light is projected in a full layer as opposed to a single point of light from a laser
  • Easy to replace LCD/LED
  • Print more parts at once with better accuracy
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Which Peopoly 3D Printer is Right for Me?

Peopoly has been an established leader in SLA 3D printing since its inception in 2015 and has continued to produce cutting-edge machines for every user type. Here is a brief breakdown of Peopoly printers to help you choose which is best for you. 

  • Peopoly Moai- a high-performance, super-accurate laser SLA 3D printer that comes as a kit, fully assembled, or in a bundle with curing accessories starting at $1,295

  • Peopoly Phenom L - if you need to print large parts, this is the machine for you. The L is Peopoly's largest MSLA 3D printer with a build volume of 346mm x 194mm x 400mm starting at $2,999

  • Peopoly Phenom Prime - this is Peopoly's fastest, most accurate MSLA 3D printer starting at $3,249

The Phenom Prime is Peopoly's fastest and most accurate MSLA 3D printer. 

What Comes with the Peopoly Phenom Prime MSLA 3D printer?


  • Phenom Prime Printer
  • Build Plate
  • Build Plate know
  • Vat with pre-installed FEP
  • Vat knobs (2x)
  • Power Cord
  • Power Brick


  • Spare FEP film
  • USB drive
  • Plastic gloves
  • Spatula
  • Plastic Spatula
  • Hex wrenches (2.5mm, 3mm, and 4mm)
  • Socket Head Cap Screws (4x M4x8)

Peopoly Prime 3D Printer Technical Specifications

What are the Dimensions for the Peopoly Prime?

  • Build Volue: 276 × 155 x 400 mm (10.86 x 6.10 x 15.74 inches)

What are the Peopoly Prime's printer properties?

  • LCD Panel Dimensions: 5484 × 3020 6k UHD
  • Panel Lifespan: 1200 hours on average using recommended resin and settings
  • Resin Vat Volume: 2.5kg (5.5 lbs.)
  • Resolution: 51μm
  • Technology: MSLA 3D Printing

What software should I use for the Peopoly Prime?

  • Recommended slicer: CHITUBOX Pro

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