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PolyMaker Polysher - 3D Print Finishing Machine

PolySmooth is the first 3D printer filament specifically designed for post processing and layer line removal. Create parts using PolySmooth filament and use the Polysher to polish and smooth out layer lines on your finished piece. The polishing process is easier than ever as well, just put the part in the Polysher, set the timer you're done. If you need parts with no layer lines the Polymaker Polysher is one of the fastest ways to achieve it!

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Easy print, easy polish

Place a part printed with PolySmooth inside the Polysher, set the timer and you're done! The machine will fill with vaporized alcohol and completely cover the part. The polishing process usually takes less than a half hour, but obviously large parts will take longer to polish. The machine automatically rotates your part to ensure an even polish and the surface is raised up to make sure the vapor gets underneath as well. The Polysher can accommodate parts up to 150mm around and 180mm tall.

The PolySmooth filament is easy to print with thanks to it's low printing temperature of 220°C and it's low warping factor. 

Technical Specifications

  • Compatible Material: PolySmooth only - the alcohol has no affect on PLA
  • Polishing Liquid: Isopropyl Alcohol or ethanol only, 70% or higher (90% or higher recommended)
  • The machine is constructed from ABS and so attempting to acetone smooth ABS parts with the Polysher will destroy the machine - you have been warned.
  • Polishing Time: 20-40 minutes depending on part size
  • Product Dimensions: 230 x 270 x 370mm
  • Maximum Part Size: 150mm diameter x 180mm tall

Leia would have left him in if he looked this good!

The left part is fresh off the printer, the right is after 25 minutes in the Polysher with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol

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