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PolyMaker PolyFlex True White - 3.00mm (0.75kg)

PolyMaker's PolyFlex is a flexible thermoplastic elastomer material that is used to create both limber and elastic prints. Print items like drive belts, phone cases, or rubber grommets, without using a heated bed. PolyFlex has the power to bond to most build plate surfaces, making the print process more enjoyable.

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PolyFlex is an excellent material to use for creating flexible prints. It requires no heating to the build plate due to its impressive adhesion to most build surfaces. Polyflex also produces high quality prints with exceptional interlayer adhesion and remarkable toughness. 

It is extremely crucial to keep your PolyFlex filament dry, as it does absorb atmospheric moisture. We recommend keeping your PolyFlex in a resealable bag with a desicant pack when it is not being used. Exposing your PolyFlex to air for an extended period of time will result in damage to the filament quality. 

Technical Specifications

    • Average filament diameter: 2.85 mm
    • Standard deviation of diameter: < ±0.05 mm
    • Recommended printing temperatures: 220 - 235 °C
    • Recommended HBP temperature: Heating not required
    • Recommended printing speed: 30 - 60 mm/s