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White PRO Series Flex - 3.00mm Flexible TPE (0.5kg)

MatterHackers PRO Series Flex 3D printer filament brings all the benefits of flexible filament together with improved strength over other flexible filaments. As with all PRO Series filaments, Flex is made in the USA to a tolerance of ± 0.05 mm. This makes PRO Series Flex TPE filament perfect for 3D printing projects that need both flexibility and support. Give your flexible prints more structure with this high quality, reliable material.

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Tough but still flexible, PRO Series Flex is the new standard for quality TPE filaments. Combining high elasticity while maintaining incredible structure while also bringing abrasion and shock resistance to the table.

When you need a flexible part that also has the strength to withstand the toughest work environments, PRO Series Flex is the answer. This material has incredible bonding between each and every layer, making finished parts insanely strong. Combine these factors with a 600% elongation factor and MatterHackers PRO Series Flex is the strongest flexible 3D printer filament you can find. In testing, first layers came out so smooth it's almost impossible to see the nozzle path in the finished print.

This beautifully advanced filament not only looks and feels great, but it also prints easily. It's low friction exterior allows for an effortless feed through the 3D printer's filament guides and means starting to 3D print flexible parts is easier than ever.

Technical Specifications

  • Printing Temperature: 235°C
  • Filament Shore Hardness: 98A (50D) vs. NinjaFlex at 85A
  • Print Speed: 15 mm/s
  • Heated bed: 50 - 65°C
  • Elongation: 600%
  • True Diameter: 2.85 ± 0.05 mm