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Proto-Pasta Proto-Pasta Back-to-basics White PLA Filament - 1.75mm (1kg)


Proto-Pasta does not only provide fun pretty PLA colors but also premium no fluff PLA. Serious about getting the highest quality white? This master-batched and extruded PLA is made from premium Natureworks Ingeo 4043D high-quality white pigment will definitely knock you off your socks!

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Packaged with Environment in mind

Proto-pasta filament is first dried, then extruded without moisture using air cooling for exceptional quality. Minimal waste, no water use, and no additives because less is more when meeting basic needs. Spooled onto cardboard spools to minimize environmental impact and maximize value. Many filaments are wound onto wasteful plastic spools because it's cheap and easy, but cardboard is sturdy enough for single-use, saves shipping weight, and is easily recycled when done!

Please note, all Clearance Item purchases are final and are not covered by the MatterHackers Return Policy - this excludes Refurbished 3D printers and machines which have at least a 6-month warranty.

Reason for Clearance:  2.85mm is being discontinued.

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