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Proto-Pasta Blue Matte Fiber HTPLA - 1.75mm (0.5kg)

HTPLA combines the ease of PLA 3D printing with the ability to heat-treat your parts post-printing to increase their stiffness at higher temperatures. This makes the PLA a more universal use filament, and this specific blend also features a matte finish. The natural matte finish of this filament also makes it perfect for post-processing procedures like painting or gluing multiple parts together.

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Fiber-based, unique finish

Matte Fiber HTPLA from Proto-Pasta is manufactured with plant fibers, making it more responsive to glues and paints for a multitute of post-processing options. Based on HTPLA, parts made with this filament can be heat treated after printing to make them stiffer and withstand higher temperatures. The best part - Matte Fiber HTPLA is non-abrasive, so no special nozzle is required to take advantage of this cool filament.

Fiber content improves heat treating properties

HTPLA combats the regular shortfalls of PLA but utilizing heat treating after printing. After a part is completed, it can be heated back to the glass transistion point and very slowly cooled back to room temperature. This improves inter-layer adhesion and makes the part more heat resistant. This heat treading process works with any PLA, but HTPLA is specifically manufactured to recieve this treatment. Additionally, this fiber based HTPLA has improved dimensional stability throughout the annealing process due to the plant fibers built into the filament.

The naturally matte finish of this filament produces awesome prints!

No hardened nozzle required

Many composite materials require a hardened nozzle, but not this filament! This material prints perfectly with a standard brass nozzle without any additional wear compared to standard filaments. This material is perfect for those who want to expand their filament library without having to make hardware changes on their printer, as it offers expanded possabilities without any drawbacks or complications.

Technical Specifications

  • Printing Temperature: 190-230°C
  • Bed Temperature: Room temperature -70°C
  • Filament weight: 500g (0.50kg)

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