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Proto-Pasta Polycarbonate ABS Alloy Black - 1.75mm (0.5kg)

Proto-Pasta has created another gem with their Polycarbonate ABS Alloy. This filament is really tough, and can stand up to the wear and tear for any strong or irrepressible parts that you may need printed.

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Proto-Pasta's Polycarbonate ABS Alloy is becomming one of our new favorite filaments to use here at MatterHackers due to its strength and resilience. This interesting material is superior to standard ABS in a few ways, including heat deflection, impact resistance, rigidity, and flexibility.


Polycarbonate ABS Alloy is very moisture sensitive and is packaged (and should be stored) in a bag with dessicant. For better, smoother printing, we recommend that the filament should be thoroughly dry - bake it in an 85C-95C oven for about an hour. Polycarbonate ABS alloy's finish is a bright, glossy white.   

Printing Recommendations:

  • Print Temp:  260C-280C
  • A heated bed may help warpage and layer adhesion on larger/thicker parts.
  • 0.5mm nozzle
  • Direct Drive extruder recommended