Protopasta Protopasta Simply Clear Recycled PETG Filament - 1.75mm (1kg)

Proto-Pasta PETG is a blend of new and recycled PETG material with a balance of quality, performance, and environment. For Simply Black PETG, Proto-Pasta minimizes processing and ingredients, without sacrificing quality, for an exceptional value.

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Proto-Pasta PETG features: 

  • High-quality ingredients with in-house processing 
  • Up to 75% recycled material refreshed with new PETG
  • Processing from 210+ C @ 2 cu mm/s volume rate, 70+ C bed
  • Prints like new PETG with larger, more forgiving process window
  • Less rigid than PLA and HTPLA for more flex before break
  • More heat resistance than PLA, but less than heat-treated HTPLA


Proto-pasta filament is first dried, then extruded without moisture using air cooling for exceptional quality. Minimal waste, no water use, and no additives because less is more when meeting basic needs. Spooled onto cardboard spools to minimize environmental impact and maximize value. Many filaments are wound onto wasteful plastic spools because it's cheap and easy, but cardboard is sturdy enough for single-use, saves shipping weight, and is easily recycled when done!

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