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Taulman In-PLA PLAdium Natural Filament - 1.75mm

Taulman's In-PLA (formerly known as PLAdium) is a unique kind of PLA filament. In-PLA is transparent in color, is very low warp, and has a nice shiny finish to it upon print completion. In-PLA prints best when you lay down blue painter's tape on your print bed to prevent the material from unsticking to the print bed.
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Formerly known as PLAdium, In-PLA is a unique PLA created by Taulman 3D. It is a transparent looking filament that is hard like PLA, but with a very smooth texture. Natural In-PLA has a cool, frosted look to it. 

In-PLA has a good amount of tensile strength and holds up well when compressed, but doesn’t have very much shear strength. The rigidity of PLAdium alongside its tensile strength and resistance to compression makes it ideal for static structures, but it’s low shear strength makes it not ideal for being exposed to alternating forces.

For optimal printing results, we recommend printing at 210C. To help prints stick to the bed, lay down blue painters tape on your print bed.


Check out these prints in six different In-PLA colors! Shiny!

Technical Specifications:

Printing Temperature: 207°C - 212°C

Print Speed: ABS speeds

Retraction: .5mm/.1mm nozzle or for a .5mm nozzle = 2.5mm

Print bed:     Hot- Glass heated to 70°C