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Type A Machines Series 1 Pro 3D Printer Fully Assembled

The Type A Machines Series 1 Pro 3D Printer offers durability and has one of the largest build volumes in its class (full cubic foot build volume). Looks are not lost on this sturdy printer - the Series 1 Pro is polished and sleek thanks to a streamlined aluminum and acrylic body, a glass build plate, and a laser cut folded metal chassis. The Series 1 Pro now comes with a heated bed so that you can print with tons of materials including ABS!
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Type A Machines continues to live up to our expectations! The Series 1 Pro 3D Printer is reliable, precise, and boasts one of the largest build volumes in its class: you can print designs up to one cubic foot in a single print. That's some serious volume. You can start creating practically right away - the printer arrives calibrated. If you need to make adjustments to the print platform, it's easy with the master Z-trigger on the top right of the print area - no tools required!

So What's New With the Type A Machines Series 1 Pro?

The new Pro version of the Series 1 printer boasts several meaningful changes, but perhaps the most interesting is the addition of a built in webcam which allows you record, monitor, and share your printing progress. The Pro also has a new very simple Wi-Fi setup which allows you to connect to the printer from any smartphone, computer, or tablet. Every Series 1 Pro also comes with a FREE license of Autodesk’s fantastic design software, Fusion 360. Other exciting changes to the Series 1 Pro include having a heated bed, in-browser visual print monitoring, having a more rigid frame, more durable electronics and cables, and a more precise X axis.

Check out the Build Volume!

The Series 1 is armed with a new, all-metal extruder to up your printing game. This extruder reduces clogging and allows better temperature and print control. The hotend is easy to clean, and easy to replace, which means less maintenance time, and more fun printing time!

All-metal is all the Rage!

The Series 1 has the user in mind - it's modular and extensible design is meant for upgrades. This is perfect because the world of 3D printing is a continually growing and changing technology, and you don't want to be left in the dust when the next great improvement comes along! It is easily upgradable due to the careful design of the chassis, the precision-milled sides, the electronics bay, and the ribbon cabling. 

High-Precision Linear Guide System

Tech Specs:

  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Hot End Type: Single piece
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Hot-End Max Temperature: 275°C (527°F)
  • Build volume: 1728 in3 (28.37 liters)
  • Build AreaX: 12.0” (305mm)
  • Build Area Y: 12.0” (305mm)
  • Build Area Z: 12.0” (305mm)
  • Layer Resolution Final: 50 Micron
  • Layer Resolution High: 100 Micron
  • Layer Resolution Normal: 150 Micron
  • Layer Resolution Low: 200 Micron
  • Layer Resolution Draft: 250 Micron
  • Positional Accuracy X/Y: 6.67 Microns
  • Positional Accuracy Z: 6.25 Microns
  • Print Speed: 50-150mm/s
  • Travel Speed: 150-250 mm/s
  • Width: 18.35” (466.09mm)
  • Height: 22.51” (571.80mm)
  • Depth: 18.05” (458.67mm)
  • Machine Weight: 30lbs (13.60kg)
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