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BotFactory Squink Electronic Circuit Factory Full Package

Circuit printing just got a whole lot more affordable, surprisingly faster and much less complicated. Introducing Squink, the all-in-one desktop electronic circuit factory that has been revolutionizing the industry of rapid prototyping. With a total of three interchangeable heads, this tabletop circuit factory saves money by serving multiple purposes.

Product No. M7VK2G33
Price: 3,139.00 USD
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Use Squink's inkjet printer head to construct high quality circuits in a matter of just a few short minutes or use the extruder head to glue and solder printed items or pre-fabricated boards. To bring all of your wildest creations to life, this circuit machine is also equipped with what is known as a “Pick-and-Place” toolhead. This innovative printer head allows you to simply design a file and then drag-and-drop it into the unique web-based software. Yes, it really is that easy!

There is absolutely no need to install extra software on your computer to use this circuit printing device, and when it comes to the quality of software, no other circuit factory compares to Squink. This is because this powerful circuit printer is outfitted with the finest quality on-board software available.

Tech Specs


Maximum circuit size - 6" x 6"
Minimum feature size (Line width) - 10 mil (0.254 mm)*, 20 mil (0.508 mm) recommended
Minimum line spacing - 10 mil (0.254 mm)*, 20 mil (0.508 mm) recommended

Minimum package size - 0603 (in) for two terminal packages (resistors, capacitors, etc)
SOIC for ICs
Automatic placing of through-hole component is not currently supported

Machine size - 17.5 x 17.5 x 15 in (45 x 45 x 38 cm)
Machine weight - 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Total assembly time - (4" x 4" boards, 15 elements) Around 30 minutes
Cost of fabrication (no components included) (4" x 4" board, 15 elements) - US$ 5 or less

Standard Ink

Number of Layers - 1
Resistivity - 50 mOhms/sq as measured
Supported materials - Photopaper and coated Transparency Film

Advanced Ink

Resistivity - 40 mOhms/sq as measured (Print multiple passes to reduce resistivity)
Supported materials - FR-4 and Kapton

Maximum and recommended currents for various trace widths

​Trace width Max current @5V Recommended current @5V
10 mil (0.25 mm) 380 mA 250 mA
20 mil (0.5 mm) 650 mA 455 mA
30 mil (0.75 mm) 900 mA 630 mA
40 mil (1 mm) 1.2 A 840 mA
50 mil (1.25 mm) 1.4 A 980 mA
100 mil (2.5 mm) 1.8A 1.26 A

This Squink Full Package Includes:

  • Squink Core
  • Frame, Embedded computer, Heat bed, Wifi adapter, Camera, Power supply
  • Full software package
  • Printing head
  • Conductive ink cartridge (Print 100+ circuits)
  • Glue head
  • Conductive glue (Glue 100+ circuits)
  • Pick-and-Place head

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