3D Printing and Digital Fabrication for Manufacturing

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Innovators in every industry are adopting digital tools to work better. From accelerating your go-to market, to reducing lag time and waste, you can save time and money by modernizing your manufacturing processes. You can capture the same benefits as industry leaders like Volkswagen, Kawasaki, and Boeing.

Whether your organization is new to additive manufacturing or have been using it for decades, at MatterHackers we curate the latest and greatest technology and back it all up with industry-leading customer support through every stage of the manufacturing process.

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Applying 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication to Manufacturing

3D printed parts on a manufacturing machine


The hand-off from research and development to production is one of the most fragile steps in the entire process of bringing products to market. We serve manufacturing engineers with the tools they need to navigate this stage of the product life cycle.

With digital fabrication, you can take out the guesswork by accelerating pilot production runs. Catch problems sooner and turn what used to be multiple meetings into a single message with an explanation of what needs to be improved in the design.

3D printed parts on the production line in a bottle manufacturing facility


Digital fabrication offers new and better ways to create all the fixtures, jigs, and tooling that you need to get product coming off the line. You can take this process entirely in-house, or improve managing the outsourced partners who help make it happen.

Resolve any unexpected design-for-manufacturing issues that come up. Create new fixtures and jigs in a variety of materials at a low cost right in your workshop. We help production control of the production process.

Manufacturing facility using 3D printed materials in their facility


No longer the stuff of science fiction, manufacturers around the world are using technologies like 3D printing for end-use production right now. From bridge manufacturing before being ready for injection molded parts, to whole runs for niche products and replacement parts.

3D printable nylons, copolyesters, polyurethanes, PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU, and curable resins are just the start. With laser cutters and engravers, CNC machines and more, there’s no limit to what you can make. And we back it up with expert advice and support to help you succeed.

3D Printed Manufacturing Case Study

The Monster Energy® Kawasaki race team wanted to add a fan to the radiator to help control temperatures in extreme conditions. They designed a custom shroud to hold the fan motor to the back side of the radiator. With 3D printing, they reduced cost by 95% by time by 86%.

External Supplier Part Cost: $400.00
In-House 3D Printer Part Cost: $20.60

External Supplier Project Time: 21 Days
In-House 3D Printer Project Time: 3 Days

Using NylonG, with material properties of glass-filled nylon, they were able to fabricate in low volume a part that would typically be created at scale through injection molding.

Dirtbike with 3D printed radiator

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About MatterHackers

We believe in the power of digital fabrication and its ability to transform your business. Located in the heart of Southern California, MatterHackers supports manufacturing professionals from the aerospace industry to prop-makers in Hollywood. Manufacturers started the additive manufacturing revolution decades ago, and manufacturing continues to be at the frontier.

Between our top-selling Pulse 3D printers and materials like NylonX, we manufacture and ship tens of thousands of our own products every year. We rely on our own technology to ship our products every day. We’re committed to helping you succeed in adopting new digital fabrication technologies in your manufacturing organization.

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