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Kodak 3D Printers
Kodak 3D Printers

Kodak 3D Printers

From 2D to 3D printing, Kodak 3D printers are excellent machines for schools, the office or any manufacturing environment. The fully-enclosed Kodak Portrait 3D printer is made from precision laser cut 2mm steel giving it a rock solid foundation. With a build volume of 200x200x235mm the dual extrusion hotend assembly has plenty of room to 3D print anything users can dream up. The hotends are also easily swappable with only one screw, giving users unlimited options in how they want to utilize materials for varied production needs. It also gives users quick and accurate 3D printing with the included 32-bit controller board and 5" color touchscreen for ultimate control over all 3D print settings. The Kodak Portrait is also wifi capable, making it the perfect 3D print farm machine, especially when paired with the Kodak 3D Cloud - which gives a group of users access to shared 3D printable files for use anywhere they work. Along with the safety afforded by the fully-enclosed form factor and the HEPA carbon filter, the Portrait is also armed with a filament runout sensor, which pauses the 3D print in progress and lets users know remotely if they need to replace material to continue the job at hand. With these great features and more on the way, the Kodak Portrait 3D printer is a fantastic 3D printing machine for any beginner or professional user.

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