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Peopoly Phenom 3D Printers

Peopoly Phenom MSLA 3D Printers

Leading the SLA 3D printing revolution with their affordable and reliable Moai line of machines, Peopoly continues to set the bar high with the Phenom Series - a collection of large-format, fast MSLA resin 3D printers. The Phenom line of printers makes printing larger parts easier and more detailed than ever before. The Phenom made waves as being one of the largest, fastest, and most affordable MSLA printers on the market. The Phenom will continue to be a great printer in the new MSLA category, and Peopoly is doubling down on the technology by expanding the family with the L and the Noir. The Phenom L is Peopoly's largest printer to date, making it the best MSLA option for prototyping larger products and making end-use parts. Peopoly’s fastest machine yet, the Phenom Noir produces highly detailed parts in a fraction of the time compared to other 3D printers to help enhance your workflow and increase productivity.

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