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MatterHackers Black MH Build Series PLA Filament - 2.85mm (3kg)

MH Build Series PLA is an affordable PLA filament intended for producing quality 3D-printed parts.

  • Best-selling PLA at MatterHackers
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • 3-5kg spools available in select colors
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Product No. M-8M3-KM14

MH Build Series PLA Filament

The #1 Selling PLA Filament at MatterHackers!

MH Build Series PLA is the best-selling PLA at MatterHackers, making it the top choice for anyone looking to create quality parts affordably.

Here are the top features of MH Build Series PLA: 

  • Affordable - priced right for every user
  • Tons of bold, unique colors to choose from - view them all here
  • Select colors available by the case - view here
  • MH Build Series is also available in ABS, PETG, and TPU 

Please note, 3-5kg spools are not sold in bulk and only sold in select colors. Please contacts to enquire about bulk pricing options. 

Technical Specifications

Printer Settings:

  • Extruder Temperature: 205±15°C
  • Bed Temperature: Not needed, but 40±15 °C if your printer has heated bed
  • Learn more about how to succeed with PLA here

Spool/Filament Dimensions:

  • 270mm Total Diameter (approximately)
  • 52.5mm Inner Hole Diameter (approximately)
  • 104mm Height (approximately)
  • 3kg spool
  • True Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85mm
  • Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.03mm
  • Density: 1.25 g/cm³
  • Volume: 0.80 L
  • Length: 385m

Technical Data Sheets: 

Click here to view all MH Build Series PLA size and color options. 

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