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Bondtech Extruder Upgrade - Raise3D N2

This kit is everything you need to convert your Raise3D N2 Dual from the stock dual direct drive extruders to a pair of Bondtech Dual-Drive extruders. To minimize weight and size, this extruder package utilizes the NEMA 17 Pancake motors. Both extruders are mounted at the same height, so performance between the nozzles will be identical. Note: The version we carry includes the black stepper motors, compatible with all N2's manufactured today. Unless your N2 is from a __very__ early batch this upgrade kit will be compatible.
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The power and reliability of Bondtech

Bondtech, the renowned maker of the QR DualDrive extruder, offers this extrusion upgrade kit for the Raise3D N2 Dual platform 3D printer which adds the power of DualDrive hobbed gears to the already impressive N2. This kit is compatible with both the N2 and N2 Plus platform, as long as the printer was Dual extrusion from the factory. Benefits of this kit include the power of the Dual Drive gears, as well as decreased toolhead weight for more accurate extrusions and identical filament paths for both nozzles. The standard N2 Dual toolhead has one extruder gear further from the nozzle than the other, which can lead to inconsistent performance between the two nozzles, an issue solved with this design.

Installation notes

This kit includes everything required replace the stock extruder head with this upgraded unit. No soldering is required, simply unplug the old motors and plug in the new ones! The stock toolhead weight is 890g and this kit reduces that down to 425g, allowing faster movements of the toolhead without loss of print quality. The ribbon cable that connects to the breakout board must be securely re-attached after installation - if the connection is not secure on its own use hot melt glue or a zip tie to ensure a stable connection. The printer will not function properly if this cable is connected improperly.

Technical Specifications

  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Stepper Motors: NEMA 17 Pancake (black variety)
  • Toolhead weight: 425g
  • Gear Ratio: 3:1

What's in the box?

  • DualDirect extruder with motors
  • 0.7mm PTFE 4/2mm guide tube x2
  • Breakout board cover

Ensuring you have compatible hardware

This upgrade kit is only compatible with Raise3D N2 printers built with the black stepper motors, which is the vast majority of machines ever made. All new machines are manufactured with the black motors and only a very few early units were sold with silver motors. The best way to ensure compatibility is to compare your stepper motor connectors to those in the picture below. This kit is compatible with the connector on the left.

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