BuildTak BuildTak Extra FlexPlate 8.5" x 12"

The BuildTak FlexPlate System makes removing finished 3D prints from the print bed easier than ever. When a print is finished, the FlexPlate along with the BuildTak sheet slide right off the magnetic base. With a gentle twist, your finished 3D printed part should pop right off!

This listing is an additional FlexPlate, which enables you to alternate build surfaces on your printer and maximize machine uptime. When one part is done, remove the FlexPlate, install the other one and start your next 3D print job immediately!

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Product No. M-D0Z-R6N0

Size: 8.5" x 12" (215.9mm x 304.8mm)
Compatible 3D Printers include: BCN3D Sigma, BCN3D Sigma R17

Note: This listing is for an additional FlexPlate only - intended for those who already own the standard FlexPlate System. This listing includes only an additional FlexPlate without any BuildTak surface sheets. The base FlexPlate System includes one sheet, see product add-ons to add BuildTak sheets if you need more!

**Check out all the available shapes and sizes of the BuildTak family here!**


BuildTak Sheets have been a favorite 3D printing surface for over two years, and the FlexPlate System makes utilizing BuildTak even easier. Available in a variety of sizes to fit all kinds of 3D printers on the market, simply install the Magnetic Base on top of your 3D printer’s existing print bed, adhere a BuildTak sheet to the FlexPlate, and magnetically attach the FlexPlate to the Magnetic Base. After your 3D print is finished, the FlexPlate with the BuildTak sheet can be easily detached from the print bed, flexed in any direction, and with a gentle twist, your 3D printed part should separate from the print bed cleanly. Replace the FlexPlate back onto the Magnetic Base, and you're ready to print again!

The BuildTak FlexPlate makes removing prints quick and easy!


The BuildTak Sheets have vastly improved your 3D printing experience, with their awesome part adhesion and easy part removal, but you can take the BuildTak 3D printing experience even further with the use of additional FlexPlates. By installing the BuildTak Magnetic FlexPlate System, you can create a suite of amazing print bed surfaces, each on a different FlexPlate, and then swap them out with ease. As soon as a part is finished printing, pull the entire FlexPlate off the magnetic base, then snap a clean FlexPlate into place and start printing immediately! Switch between a standard BuildTak sheet, a PEI BuildTak sheet, or even a LayerLock Garolite Print Bed as easily as you would switch between different 3D printing materials like PLA and PETG! Bring downtime to a minimum, and hone in your print bed surface with the BuildTak FlexPlate system and a BuildTak Extra FlexPlate. Once you go 'Tak, you'll never go back.

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