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BuildTak FlexPlate System 8" x 8"

The BuildTak FlexPlate system makes removing finished 3D Prints from the printbed easier than ever. When a print is finished, the FlexPlate and BuildTak sheet slide right off the Magnetic base. With a twist the 3D Printed part pops right off!

Product No. MLY6X93M
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BuildTak sheets have been a favorite 3D Printing surface for over two years and the FlexPlate System makes utilizing BuildTak even easier. Available in many sizes to fit all kinds of 3D Printers, simply add the Magnetic Base on top of the existing Print bed and the FlexPlate with attached BuildTak sheet will magnetically attach. After a 3D Print is finished the top two sheets easily slide away from the print bed and with a twist the part separates cleanly. Replace the FlexPlate and BuildTak sheet to the Magnetic base and you're ready to print again!

BuildTak combined with a removable print bed

No matter the design of your 3D printer, adding a BuildTak FlexPlate converts it to a removable print bed system. Never worry about having to reach into your printer and have to handle difficult to remove parts in tight spaces, the whole build plate comes right out with a FlexPlate.

The BuildTak FlexPlate makes removing prints quick and easy!

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