ColorFabb ColorFabb SteelFill Filament - 1.75mm (0.75kg)

SteelFill is ColorFabb's latest addition to their amazing line of metal filled filaments such as copperFill and bronzeFill. Like those filaments, steelFill is a PLA based filament made with real steel particles. After a good sanding and polishing, your printed part will look and shine like real steel!

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Product No. M-6A2-VGNM

Add a metallic finish to your 3D prints

SteelFill is truly an exciting addition to ColorFabb's range of metal filled filaments! Just like their other metal filaments, SteelFill will look laser sintered with a matte finish immediately after printing. However, with a little sanding and polishing, the infused steel particles will give your printed part an authentic, polished steel look! 

Another great characteristic of SteelFill is its weight - the infused steel means it's about three times heavier than standard PLA, which really adds to the authenticity of your prints. This is ideal if you are printing items like jewelry or other artistic pieces. 

Whosoever prints this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!

Technical Specifications

  • Printing Temperature: 200C - 215C
  • Heated Bed: 50C (A heated bed is not necessesary to print SteelFill but if your 3D printer has a heated built plate we recommend setting it to 50C)
  • Printing Speed: 50-70mm/s
  • The steel content of this filament makes is very abrasive, causing a lot of wear for standard brass nozzles. It is recommended to use a hardened steel nozzle when printing with SteelFill and other abrasive filaments.

ColorFabb Steelfill SDS

ColorFabb Steelfill TDS

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