Duet3D Duet3D Duet 2 WiFi 3D Printer Controller Board

The Duet 2 3D printer controller board combines some of the best components available into an incredible all-in-one controller. Don't sweat which drivers to get - the TMC2660's come baked in and an onboard WiFi or Ethernet connection enables networked printing from anywhere on your LAN.

Current Version: v1.04

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Everything you need in a controller

The Duet 2 provides fast motion and quick processing via a 32 bit processor. All that processing power means you can also expand your machine to include many more stepper drivers. (additional expansion boards may be required) Firmware is stored locally on a Micro SD card and can be accessed via the web interface for easy modification. Connections to all other hardware components is easy with vertical molex connectors or screw terminal block for secure connectivity.

And everything you want!

The Duet 2 includes a baked-in network chip for easy machine control from any device on your network. From desktop computers to tablets and smartphones, printer control is available across the board. Having stepper drivers baked in is great - but they aren't just any old drivers. The TMC2660 drivers are crazy quiet and capable of up to 256th microstepping for smooth and precise machine motion.

Technical Specifications

  • Processor: Atmel SAM4E8E
    • 32 Bit
    • 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4
  • Network Connectivity: WiFi or Ethernet
  • Stepper Drivers: Integrated TMC2660
  • Micro SD Card slot for firmware
  • Support from two extruders and heated bed
  • Max current per stepper driver: 2.4A (software limited)
  • Supports all standard 3D printer geometries

Full Wiring Diagram

Hardware Overview

What's in the box?

  • Duet2 Wifi controller board v1.04b - for more information on PCB history
  • USB A - USB Micro cable
  • DIY cable connectors - build you own cable ends in case your motors don't connect
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