E3D E3D High Precision Ceramic Heater Cartridge 12v 30w

Get the most out of your E3D v6 or Volcano hotend with these High Precision Ceramic Heater Cartridges. Machined to fit perfectly with the heater block and built from high-quality electronics for reliable performance, everything about these components is an upgrade to the overall 3D printing experience.

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High-Precision Electronics for faster heat-up and printing speeds

3D printing can be a powerful tool for production purposes to create end-use parts for immediate use. When you need a print now, heat-up time and printing speed are two very important variables to keep as low as possible. Part of the 'High-Precision' of this heater cartridge is the electronic components which are precisely 30 or 40 watts. This leads to more precise and overall greater thermal output of the hotend which enables not only faster heat-up times but can also be leveraged to printer faster. This effect is most useful when paired with E3D's Volcano hotend, for which these heater cartridges are a drop-in replacement.

The assembled High Precision Heater Cartridge

The High-Precision Heater Cartridge is a master of efficiently getting heat where you need it

Every component of a 3D printer hotend serves a specific purpose, and the hotend is at it's best when each component works together smoothly. The job of a heater cartridge is to create heat, while the heater block's job is to transfer that heat into the nozzle and filament for extrusion. Therefore, the hotend will function best when the connection between the heater block and the heater cartridge is tightest. Another aspect of these heaters that makes them 'High-Precision' is the machining of the outside diameter of the cartridge. A precise 6mm all the way down means this will evenly mate and maintain the maximum surface area contact between these two components, leading to better performance.

Precision machined and assembled Heater Cartridges

Reduced time for maintenance and upgrade installs thanks to a Microfit 3 connector

3D printer upgrades and maintenance is an extremely rewarding and fun hobby, but when changing a hotend or even just a heater cartridge means having to re-wire an entire cable chain or wiring loom, maintenance can quickly become more of a chore than a fun experience. Thankfully, another benefit of the High-Precision Heater Cartridge is the in-line Molex Microfit 3.0 connector that lives next to the cartridge itself for quick and easy replacement of the heater or even the whole hotend without having to rewire absolutely everything. If you have been utilizing the 30w version of this heater and now want to upgrade to the more powerful 40w, the new heater cartridge will plug right into the already installed cabling.

Quick disconnect functionality for a rapid-replacement workflow

Technical Specifications


  • Length: 21mm
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Voltage: 12v OR 24v
  • Power Output: 30w OR 40w


  • Length: 1000mm
  • Connector: Molex Microfit 3.0
  • Length from cartridge to connector: 143mm

Download the Engineering Drawing

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