E3D E3D ObXidian Wear Resistant Nozzle

The E3D ObXidian is a wear-resistant 3D printer nozzle that is much harder than Nozzle X. What sets ObXidian apart from other abrasion-resistant nozzles is its copper alloy construction, which provides similar thermal performance to brass. This means you can simply swap it in for your existing brass nozzles without having to change your slicer profiles. It's a hassle-free upgrade to a more advanced nozzle.

  • Copper alloy nozzle with a special coating for wear resistance
  • Preassembled nozzle and heat break for easy installation
  • Ultra-wear resistance
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E3D ObXidian Wear Resistant Nozzle 

Abrasive 3D Printing Made Quick & Easy

E3D's ObXidian is their wear-resistant Nozzle offering specifically designed for printing abrasive 3D printing filament. The ObXidian is a must-have tool for a quick and frustration-free 3D printing experience.

Key Features of the E3D ObXidian Nozzles:

  • Outperforms Nozzle X and other generic hardened steel nozzles.
  • Utilizes a tool steel insert combined with the new E3DLC™ coating for enhanced durability.
  • The specially formulated E3DLC™ coating also offers non-stick properties.
  • Significantly reduces plastic build-up around the nozzle.

Wear Resistance That's Stronger Than Ever

Harder than Nozzle X and other generic hardened steel nozzles, E3D ObXidian can easily withstand abrasive filament thanks to E3DLC, a very special Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating custom engineered just for ObXidian.

  • Stronger than Nozzle X
  • Coated in E3DLC (stronger than other DLC coatings)
  • Bonus—thermal conductivity is just as good as brass while still being abrasion resistant
E3D ObXidian Nozzle for Revo next to E3D Nozzle X and a Hardened Steel Nozzle

A dirty hardened steel nozzle covered in generic DLC coating compared to a cleaner hardened steel nozzle covered in E3DLC coating which is used on E3D ObXidian

Experience Top-Tier Anti-Sticking 3D Printing

E3D ObXidian's special E3DLC coating not only enhances wear resistance strength but also improves its non-stick properties for a 3D printing experience that's cleaner than ever.

  • ObXidian delivers a clean 3D printing experience
  • E3DLC coating is anti-stickier than other coatings—even Nozzle X's coating
  • Coating lasts much longer thanks to PECVD application method (plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition)
  • Safe to use BRASS brush to clean nozzle tip due to strong coating

Technical Specifications: 

  • Material: Copper/Hardened Steel Assembly with E3DLC™ coating.
  • Input diameter: 1.75mm
  • Maximum temperature: 300°C
  • Nozzles Sizes: 0.25, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm

*We do not recommend the use of abrasive materials with nozzle diameters smaller than 0.4mm.


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