E3D E3D Stainless Steel Heater Block for Sensor Cartridges

The improved design of the stainless steel v6 heater block clamps both the heater cartridge and the thermistor in place makes for improved thermal response from the HotEnd and an easier assembly experience.

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Product No. M-WMA-44MN

Improving the Fundamental Building Block

The heater block is the element that holds all the components of a hot end together. The new V6 Heater Block for Sensor Cartridges is the new and improved design that makes it possible to clamp both the heater cartridge and thermistor in place. This block is machined from Stainless Steel, created and made available specifically for customers who required stainless steel components on their 3D printers.

Beautifully machined Heater Block

Fixings Included with the Heater Block

  • M3x0.5x4 socket dome screw and washer to clamp thermistor
  • M3x0.5x10 socket dome screw to clamp heater cartridge

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