E3D E3D Volcano Extra Nozzle - 1.75mm x 1.00mm

Volcano nozzles are designed with speed in mind. They excel at large layer heights with extremely high flow rates which can reduce your print time. All volcano nozzles are marked so that you know exactly what size you are working with.

Note: Volcano nozzles are only compatible with the Volcano block.

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Price: $7.90
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Product No. M-2PL-Y5A9

If you prefer printing with larger layer heights, the Volcano is the hotend/nozzle combo that you've been waiting for! 

The nozzle has a longer heated zone when compared to most hotend nozzles. This means that the filament is heating slightly faster, therefore it has accelerated melting speeds.


Marks on Nozzle = Size

  • 0 = 0.60mm
  • 1 = 0.80mm
  • 2 = 1.00mm
  • 3 = 1.20mm

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