MatterHackers Hydra AMS - Spool Adapter for Bambu Lab Automatic Material Station

Thanks to humebeam, you can now purchase a printed version of his Hydra AMS Bambu Lab 3D printer upgrade from MatterHackers. The Hydra AMS is a drop-in replacement adapter for the Bambu Lab Automatic Material Station that allows you to use wider filament spools easily.

What's included in your order:

  • 3 Hydra AMS parts in Black PETG or Black ABS
  • 4 25mm cap head screws
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Easily print with your favorite materials, like MH Build Series

How to Assemble the Hydra AMS to your Bambu Lab 3D Printers

Follow the detailed instructions on humebeam's Printables page here

What's included?

  • 3 Hydra AMS parts in Black PETG or Black ABS
  • 4 25mm cap head screws

Note: All printed parts will be black

Optional but recommended:

Special Thanks to humebeam for this Awesome Bambu Lab Upgrade! 

We are so thrilled to work with humebeam on this model. With his permission, we are selling this as an easy-to-purchase product to bring more material capabilities to the masses of Bambu Lab 3D printer users out there. 

You can find humebeam's Hydra AMS digital designs here, but be sure to check out all his other awesome models, too!

Thanks humebeam! 

Why Should I Add A Hydra AMS to My Bambu Labs Automatic Material System

  • Increased spools widths allow you to print with most 1kg spools on the market
  • The angled feeder/motor mechanism allows you to print full spools
  • Adjustable spool rollers in four positions for 120 mm to 205 mm diameter spools
    • Note: Large diameter spools (> 200 mm) require a printed TPU lid spacer that you can find a link to from humebeam's printables page.

Photo courtesy of humebeam at 

Upgrade your 3D Hydra AMS parts with ABS, a versatile, durable, and heat-resistant material that provides enhanced strength and longevity to your components.

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