MakerGear MakerGear M3 Replacement Build Plate

This replacement build plate for the MakerGear M3 is an extremely valuable spare part for your personal inventory. This glass build plate comes with the kapton tape already installed, making it ready for immediate installation. Having a second build plate is perfect for swapping out after a print to maximize uptime and for having a spare in the event of accidentally broken glass.

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Product No. M-X64-PLJM

Maximize your printing time

Having an extra print bed for your MakerGear M3 or M3 Independent Dual Extruder 3D printer is a valuable investment as you can swap plates after a print to immediately start your next job, removing the first print from it's build plate away from the printer as it starts the next project. This enables you to get the most uptime from your printer and also offers more flexibility when removing parts and cleaning your print surface.

Spare parts is always a good investment

The MakerGear M3 is built like a tank and has proven to be an extremely reliable machine, but if 3D printing is your business or you simply run your machine hard, carrying some spare parts is highly recommended. The glass build plate of the M3 is in the center of the action, and you simply cannot operate the machine without one. This replacement part is an original from MakerGear, a direct replacement and perfect fit for the stock plate on your M3 or M3 ID. The plate comes with the kapton tape pre-installed so it's ready for printing right out of the box.

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